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TrueDud s.6 e.7 and 8

We are huge True Blood fans!! And as fans we have a few…er…bones to pick.  This series has the opportunity for major stiletto- heeled a$$ kicking, quip-flinging, and general hotness, so we are more than a little disappointed when our TrueBlood heroes turn into TrueDuds. We award points for being lame.  The highest scoring character is our winner.

*Warning: Spoilers and language may be present.*


I know what you’re thinking, “You are so behind.”  But I. just. couldn’t.  What happened to my crazy show–the one I loved with evil villains I loved to hate?  Remember that crazy Maryann from season 2?!  That season was insane!  Remember meeting Alcide for the first time, or conflicted and crazy Marnie/Harry Potter’s Mean Aunt Petunia?  Heck, remember Crystal the wear-panther and her inbred family of abuse?!  Those were the good old days…

Television can be wonderful–especially in the US.  I don’t think anyone spends as much money on TV as we do here, and it sure can be a wonderful escape.  Now, I’m not saying other places don’t have great TV.  That is not true at all.  But when it comes to blockbuster, off-the-chain-explosive TV–we really know our stuff.

TV brings people together.  Gossiping is terribly unhealthy to relationships, but you can talk about your TV friends all day long!  I loved catching up with my bestie over a steaming mug of TrueBlood recap.  Now, I’m struggling to get through the next episode.  They are killing people I love, taking short-cuts with sassy dialog, and leave me staring at the calendar waiting for Game of Thrones to come back on…  You know it’s bad when you check your FB 20 times during an episode.

That being said…Game of Thrones comes back Spring 2014.  We’ve got to make it work until then…

Here’s what stands out in my memory about these last 2 episodes:


Arlene: Take the money!!!!

Sookie:  Ugh.

Alcide:  FINALLY!  That pack was bad news, yo.

Pam/Tara/and everyone else in jail:  Yup.  Still in jail.  We’re waiting.

Billith:  I don’t care for this incarnation at all.  If you are going to be evil, do it.  If you are going to be complicated, be more like Eric.  Right now, you flounder.

Sam:  For the love of all that is good and holy, WEAR PROTECTION!  In this day and age, shame on you!  You should know better.

No one gets points this time.  I’m going to trap myself in Fairy Land if this continues…

We wouldn’t be the Work Life Balance Protection Agency without sending you home with a motivational goody or two.  Here’s yours.

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  1. L.M. Tabora /

    Maryanne always had the best jewelry. And the best bacchanalian orgies.

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