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TrueDud s.6 e.2

We are huge True Blood fans!! And as fans we have a few…er…bones to pick.  This series has the opportunity for major stiletto- heeled a$$ kicking, quip-flinging, and general hotness, so we are more than a little disappointed when our TrueBlood heroes turn into TrueDuds.

*Warning: Spoilers and language may be present.*



I know, I know!  I’m catching up.  Sunday will be episode 3 and I will be timely in posting.  1 point for me

Sookie:  Why the all the sweaters?  Is it really necessary to put one on every time you come home?  Isn’t it, like 1,000 degrees in Louisiana?  And while we’re at it, what’s up with the creepy paper you sleep next to?  Put it in a drawer already.  Figures, though, you would “stumble” upon a handsome stranger while being late to work.  You’ve gone through everyone else in the town, I guess you need some NewBlood.  7  points for leaving Arlene stranded at work again, and admitting a stranger into your house after EVERYTHING YOU HAVE BEEN THROUGH

Arlene:  Keep it coming!  I’m liking your savvy.  “Organic means you play the fancy piano at church.”  Yes, girl.  Sock it to those snotts!  Glad you rescued your man from a sticky situation, but I’m not OK with lying to a pregnant woman about her dead husband.  1 point (You did try to be gentle…)

Andy: Those little girls are just running little fairy circles around you!!  I love it.  Cheers to them and for you for being brave enough to ask for help. Seriously now, stop complaining. 1 point

Tara:  I’m still waiting for you to kick some butt, but maybe you are learning compassion.  Also, maybe you will be the strong arm our Pam needs.  Is her boo-hooing reminding you of anyone…ah hem…Tara?  0 points

Pam:  I will allow you touching moments from time to time.  But we need you… 0 points (for now)

Sam:  REALLY?  The worst luck.  You lost Emma after having her for a day.  A DAY!!  And who else would have spies in the bushes outside their trailer.  Ugh.  5 points

Emma: Honey, I’m glad you are having fun with Lafayette, but show some respect for your mamma.  A tear?  Anything?   5 points

Nicole:  It is not OK to OUT someone.  Ever.  Period.  Get out of the bushes. 10 points

Alcide:  Noooo! You have been in charge for 10 minutes and you are already acting crazy.  Use your words. 5 points

Jason: “That makes me a Fairy Prince!”  You poor, sweet, thang…  Let me comfort you… 0 points

Eric: Disguises, digging out bullets with broken beer bottles, hovering outside a teenager’s window with sexy eyes, yes to all of it! 0 points

Truest Dud of the second episode goes to Nicole.   Just because your parents did amazing things doesn’t mean you get to force other people into your way of thinking. Not a good first impression.

The Lamest Costume Award goes to Lilith and Co. for the RIDICULOUS merkins. I dare you to un-see them now….

We wouldn’t be the Work Life Balance Protection Agency without sending you home with a motivational goody or two.  Here’s yours.

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This post has been brought to you by Jennette Cronk and Erin D’Addio.  If you would like to weigh-in, go right ahead!!  It’s not nice to gossip about other people, but it is PERFECTLY OK to tear TV shows to shreds with no guilt at all.  Comment here, send in the comment form, or chime in on FB. We’re all fans.

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