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The Salon: Do Something For Your Future

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Does this quote ever relate to work life balance?  Whoa!!

As a habitual big-picture thinker, I think about the future a lot.  It overwhelms me.  Am I being strategic enough? Am I getting up early enough? On an on.  That’s why I was surprised at my reaction to this quote.  I thought much more immediately.  What can I do right now, for myself, for tomorrow?  Kudos to myself for taking a step back from the big-scary future and for thinking of just a little future.

Answer: I can pre-fill juice cups for the morning.

No earthquake under your feet, huh?

That’s the thing about balance.  It can be little.

Let’s say you have two piles of peanuts you are are trying to make equal.  For some reason, you only have the scales of justice to use as a measuring system.  You would put a handful on each side and then would add or remove one peanut at a time.  This can be the same for work life balance.  Add just one “thing” at a time to either side.

Many of us tend to think of “planning for the future” as retirement, our career in 5 years, getting out of debt.  What about the much closer future?

For me, to make my tomorrow morning easier, I’m getting the juice for my girls ready the night before. Kind of an easy thing, but will make that few early minutes of my day a little easier.  I can cuddle with them while they drink their juice–half awake.

What can you do to make your tomorrow a little easier?

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