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The Salon: Let Your Consciousness Evolve

Eckart Tolle wrote, “Life will give you whatever experience is most helpful for the evolution of your consciousness.”

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How can consciousness evolve? Isn’t it just a matter of knowing?

Many of have been dealing with depressing and anxiety producing situations these past few years.  For some, this way of living has become a standard, having trudged through major loss and hardship for most of life. For others, this state is new, brought on by the change in economic climate, illness, or loss. Regardless of how we got to this point, we are here.

What comes next?

Answer the most important question: Do you want to continue feeling the way you feel right now?  If the answer is “NO,” it is time to move forward, time to evolve.

The nature of consciousness has been debated for centuries.  At its most basic definition, consciousness is awareness–of self and of other objects or people.  Awareness is different from knowing, and knowing is not the same as understanding.  Tolle is urging us to allow our awareness to grow.


Create something. Meditation is not for everyone. Type-A personalities like myself have a hard time sitting and “being.” Many of us often neglect quiet moments of self-discovery in exchange for taking care of their children, doing the dishes, or catching up on TV.

What if we allowed ourselves the opportunity to simply create something: written, drawn, crafted? Try it.  Let yourself go and paint, free-write, build, play an instrument, dance, sing.  In the “doing” of the craft and in the “observing” the completed project, you just might discover an unknown portion of your heart that has been trying to get your attention.

For me, it feels easier to create and have a “thing” to show for my time, than it is to sit in meditation.  When was the last time you allowed yourself to create with abandon?  It feels wonderful to get lost in the creative side of yourself and step away from the “logical,” judgmental, and critical side of the brain.

Allow your current state of being, your current situation or struggle to inform your creativity. You will undoubtedly discover a new way of looking at your present experience.

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