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Stress-Free Summer: Get Organized

School is out! This is a transition time for anyone that has children. Children are less structured, at home longer, and staying up later!!  How can we make the summer enjoyable for everyone? Let the WLBPA lend a hand. We want to help you balance your time with family and your continuing responsibilities at home and work.

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Week One: Get Organized

If you are staying home with your children, you will need an organized plan of attack.  If you are working outside the home, you will need an organized plan of attack!  There’s no way around it…

Finding affordable summer care is difficult, often has inconvenient hours, and can make life miserable for parents and children alike.  There are a ton of activities out there, a million resources, many ways you and your children can whittle away the hours.  If you are anything like me, the options can seem overwhelming.  I feel like there is nothing and everything to do all at once.

Today, I wanted to recommend a few organizational systems to help minimize stress, keep activities clear and easy to find, and balance those feelings of being overwhelmed.

1. Google Plus Calendar

My friend Carrie had a great idea.  She makes a calendar online, invites people to join, and started her own mini-summer camp.  It’s not structured, but it is a great way to keep in touch with friends and other parents’ activities.  If everyone fills in a few ideas for the summer weeks, before you know it, you have a full calendar of choices!  You can add dates you will be out of town or otherwise unavailable. Everyone is free to join an activity and add their ideas.

2. Printable Organizer

The Peaceful Mom gives you a ton of free, printable templates for planning (and goal setting too).  Choose one that works for you and use it to schedule activities.

3. Blog/Website Calendar

If you are lucky to live in Tampa Bay, you have great online resources like What’s Doing Tampa Bay who have done the work for you.  They provide a calendar of events filled with “things to do” for your family (for free or super cheap). Look up local blogs in your area to find out if anyone is keeping track of activity offerings.  Don’t forget your library.  Many counties offer fantastic programming over the summer.

Hillsborough County Public Library Cooperative

Pinellas Public Library Cooperative

Pasco County Libraries


Even if you are only looking to schedule weekend or evening activities for your family this summer, keeping an organized plan of what you’d like to do is a huge help.  Organization eliminates the rush to find something, helps you plan for the event properly, and save time and money.  You can choose to go or not—but at least you have some options prepared for yourself (especially when you are feeling a little worn out and your children are raring to go).


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  1. Great post for helping Moms tackle summer planning! I especially love the idea of organizing a mini-camp! Thanks so much for the mention.

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