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Musing #8: There’s No Place Like Home…If You’ve Got One

There’s no place like home…There’s no place like home…

File:Wandering jew.jpg

“The Wandering Jew” by Gustave Doré

No, I am not being punished for taunting Jesus en route to Crucifixtion. I am being punished for chasing cheap(er) rent.

Remember THIS hilarious dude?

He’s in the news again, and he’s no longer funny. Rent Dude just endorsed that nefarious recidivist, Anthony Weiner, for mayor of our great/exorbitant city.

Those of you who STILL think (against all reason) that Weiner and his even more appalling wife are anything but shameless parvenues can kiss my ass. I don’t give a shit about infidelity. I give a shit about chronically-distracted politicians (and women willing to brook infinite humiliation for a chance to live at Gracie Mansion). All those Weiner rants on the House floor? They were NOT about “the people.”

They were about DICK (er…Weiner).


Jimmy McMillan may no longer be funny, but he’s still correct about the undisputed #1 problem with New York City.

The rent is, indeed, WAY TOO DAMN HIGH!!!

Having been priced out of the East Village apartment I called home since August 1, 2009, I moved out yesterday. But I can’t move into my new East Village apartment (which I intend to call home until the next price-out) until August 8th. Thus, all but my most essential belongings are in storage, and I am a Wandering New York Jew for the next week.

It blows (Weiner).

I shall finally be settled in my new home by the time my next blog is due. So stay tuned for next Friday’s “Musing #9: Tales of a Wandering New York Jew.”

Until then, “Damn the torpedoes [and Weiner, AND THE RENT], full speed ahead!”


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