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Musing #5: SHARKNADO Happened to My Beauty Blog

Not the movie. The hashtag.


It’s unoriginal to be writing about Syfy’s very original SHARKNADO at this point, but I can’t write about beauty when I’m suffering a 10-hour bout with what my sister and I used to call “laughing sickness.” One might now call it the “AC360 Giggles.” Once begun, they cannot be quelled. Especially when Wil Wheaton’s Twitter feed exists.


If you found yourself under a digital rock today, permit James Poniewozik of TIME magazine to explain SHARKNADO.

And follow his link to an interview with the screenwriter, whose name is legitimately Thunder Levin. Who is a genius. I’m speaking only on the basis of that interview, because I have not yet had the privilege of actually seeing SHARKNADO. Fortunately, NBC Universal execs made the wise decision this morning to re-air the “film” this coming Thursday, given the shark-storm that unexpectedly ensued.

I could not stop saying SHARKNADO right now, even if I wanted to. So you’ll have to wait a week for my self-effacing comments on beauty. That’s just where I’m at. And since this blog is supposed to be about struggle, let’s say I’m struggling with shutting out the Internet while trying to write for the Internet. Because it’s a true statement.

In the interim, watch the mesmerizing trailer and consider yourself initiated into the wonderful new world of SHARKNADO: SHARKNADO – Official Asylum Trailer.

Until next week, “Damn the flying Chondrichthyes. They can have Los Angeles!”


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