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The Wonderful World of YouTube

We are putting the bad girls aside this week. Why you ask? I’ll tell you. While I was in the car today I had the radio tuned to “Drew Garabo Live!” on 102.5. During the show he played the audio from a video and I found myself so moved by the clip that I was crying while trying to navigate through a rain storm. The clip involved a 19 year old boy who has autism. He got a paid apprenticeship at a hotel. This will be his first job. The joy in his voice turned me into a blubbering woman trying not to wreck the car.

Drew Garabo, greatest talk show host ever!

Drew Garabo, greatest radio talk show host ever!

It was a beautiful clip and it got me thinking of all the different kinds of clips you can find on YouTube. They are all like mini-movies. Sometimes they will pull at your heart strings, they may amaze you or you can be laughing until your sides hurt. I have decided to share some of my favorite videos I have found on YouTube over the years. I hope you enjoy them as much as I do. If you don’t blame Drew. He inspired this column with audio from a single video (which I could not locate on YouTube). If you are in the Tampa area tune in to Drew Garabo Live. I am not getting a thing for giving his show a plug, I honestly love it. He is on 102.5 FM every weekday afternoon from 3 until 7 and he provides some seriously entertaining talk radio. Now on with the clips. When you are done take a little time and explore YouTube for yourself. You never know what you might find.

Orcas Playing in a Boat’s Wake

The first time I saw this video I was floored. This is an encounter with nature that I would kill for. I sat and watched in amazement as a pod of killer whales were feeling frisky and playing in the wave wash as the people on the boat were enjoying an afternoon cruise. The woman on the boat said it best when she uttered “Jack Hanna, eat your heart out” Enjoy this awe inspiring slice of nature.

Music that will take your breath away.

On YouTube you can discover all kinds of singers and musicians you may have never known existed. I have found many new artists I enjoy listening to and that is actually how I became a fan of Postmodern Jukebox. Here is one of my favorite of their songs. They teamed up with a clown named Puddles and did a cover of Lorde’s song Royals and what the end result is a song that is beautiful, haunting and awesome! Enjoy!

I want to share a second tune. Postmodern Jukebox also brought in singer Cristina Gatti and took Britney Spears’ “Womanizer” and gave it a torch song style twist. I see myself using this song in a future show. I heard ┬áthis version and I was in love with the song.

And sometimes the music can make your ears bleed.

We are not going to love you….just saying.


Dad is determined that his son is going to stop gaming 24-7 and get a job. This video contains strong language and is NSFW.

The first time I saw this I could not stop laughing. There are quite a few parents out there that could take a lesson from the dad who is fed up with his son doing nothing but gaming.


Phony movie preview that I wish were for real movies.

Some of these parody trailers are so damn good that I know I would go see the movie if it existed.




It can warm your heart.

Every so often we come across stories that touch our hearts and can make you say faith restored in humanity. This is one of my favorites and what these kids did is nothing short of beautiful.

I could not find the video for the clip Drew played on air today but I believe that in this video Kevin may be the same boy. I love that people look at Kevin and all they see is Kevin, not autism.

Denver the guiltiest dog in the world.

This video paired up with the music makes this so funny. I want to feel sorry for Denver with that pitiful look on her face. She is feeling so much shame and I cannot stop laughing. I am going to hell.


Two men in Harrods saw a lion cub for sale. He was in a tiny cage and looked miserable. They took him home to give him a good life. They named him Christian. Inside of a year he became to large for them to keep and they knew they had to take him back to Africa, where he originally came from, and set him free. One year later they traveled back to Africa to see Christian. They were told that he was king of a pride and would not remember them….what happened next makes me cry every time I see it.


I am going to stop here on a happy note. Randomly type in words and/or phrases on YouTube. You might delight yourself with what you find. You’ll find yourself wanting to share some of the incredible videos that are out there.

Drew Garabo, thank you for inspiring this column.

Alexandra Elaine Michaels xoxo

Have a great weekeveryone.



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