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Embrace your inner bad girl with Movie Bad Girl of the Week!

Gina Philips as Trish Jenner in "Jeepers Creepers" (2001)

Gina Philips as Trish Jenner in “Jeepers Creepers” (2001)


      I am short-cutting the recap of this film and will share different points in the “what can we learn” section as my recaps have been taking up far too much space. Keep in mind that the article does contain spoilers so you may want to watch the movie before you read this. It is a hoot of a horror movie and just plain fun!

      Trish Jenner and her younger brother Darry are headed home from college traveling the back roads of Florida. As they are driving along a large and very scary truck comes right up on their bumper nearly running them off the road. This plunges Trish and her brother into a 24 hour nightmare as they are pursued by a demon like creature that won’t let up. It keeps coming and kills anyone who tries to help them. They discover that this creature needs to scare them because it needs to smell their fear so it can choose what it needs from them. It takes what it needs and eats it. It comes every 23rd  Spring and can feed for 23 days. These kids just happened to be in the wrong place at the wrong time and now it is a race for their very lives.

What can we learn from Trish Jenner?

     At the beginning of the film Trish and Darry are talking in the car. Darry asks Trish about her break-up with “Poly-Sci-Tech Guy” (as he refers to him) and Trish tells him that it is none of his or their parents business. In this day and age with Twitter and social networking sites an excellent point is brought up. How many people don’t want to talk about a break-up or some other problem going on in their lives yet turn right around and Tweet about it or post it on Facebook? (I am smiling now because I can think of how many times I have seen this happen)  Now these very same people claim to hate drama and are furious that others are talking about it. Although Twitter and Facebook are wonderful you should think before you post. Some things should be kept private and not put out there for the world’s consumption. You are creating the gossip yourself if you post these things and have no right to be upset if it gets out of hand. It is okay to share things from your life but use some discretion. Some things do belong behind closed doors so you can deal with them as you need to.

     Through the early portion of the film this brother and sister play at least 3 different games that seem to have carried over from their childhood. One involving license plates, a game of uh-huh, uh-uh and one that involves insults like “ass-licker”  and you are not allowed to repeat a word in the insults. With our family, siblings in particular we tend to grow apart in some ways as we go on with our own lives. Here is a tip. Don’t let those happy things from childhood elude you as an adult. Make time to be with family even if it seems inconvenient. Keep that camaraderie alive in your relationships. It can be a break from the everyday stresses we deal with and it can take you to a very comfortable place. We all need that break and our family is so important. Time passes more quickly than you think. I have learned this the hard way (and you cannot go back once that time is gone) and I have some regrets. My promise to myself is to not waste anymore time. Now pick up that phone and call a family member to go out to dinner with or have over to your home…..go on, I’ll wait.

     There is a point that follows in the film where Darry wants to climb down a pipe they believe that have seen a body wrapped in a bloody sheet thrown down. Trish becomes angry with her brother and says: “You know the part in scary movies when somebody does something really stupid, and everybody hates them for it? This is it!” How many times in life do we not heed Trish’s wisdom? We have seen people do something and say “I’d never do that” and we find ourselves doing the exact thing we swore we’d never do. How many times have we done something and said “I’ll never do that again” and guess what? Think before you act. If there is something you believe you should not do, DON’T DO IT! Take a little time to think of a different way to approach a problem or situation that will be more to your advantage so you don’t sit there kicking yourself in the head later thinking “I swore I’d never do that.”

"You know the part in scary movies when somebody does something really stupid, and everybody hates them for it? This is it."  Gina Philips and Justin Long as Trish and Darry Jenner

“You know the part in scary movies when somebody does something really stupid, and everybody hates them for it? This is it.” Gina Philips and Justin Long as Trish and Darry Jenner

       In the film Trish confronts the monster in her car. He is blocking their path on the road. She runs him over. Darry asks his sister “Is he dead?” to which she responds “They never are” (this girl is a true student of horror films) and proceeds to continue running the creeper over in forward and reverse until she is sure she has killed him. She hasn’t, this is a horror film after all. Trish has reached her limit and is tired of running. Do not and I repeat DO NOT take this as a suggestion to run someone who is making your life hell over with your car, but rather a message to confront your problems head on. Many times in life we are presented with situations that we just want to avoid and not deal with. It is much easier to run from the problem and hope it will go away rather than address it. The problems just sit and wait and rear their ugly heads again at a later time. So deal with it. We are grown ups and need to deal with problems however unpleasant they may be. You may not be happy dealing with it but it will make one less problem in your life if you do.

     In the finale of the movie Trish confronts the monster face to face. He has her brother in his clutches. She offers herself to the creeper if he will let her brother go. She tells the him that she is stronger and that he does not need Darry, he can have her in Darry’s  place, she won’t even fight. Sadly for her it feeds on fear and her brother’s fate is sealed. Although Darry has a terrible fate, Trish’s actions give us food for thought. How unconditionally do we love the people around us? Trish is willing to give up her life so her brother can live. Do we love the people in our lives unconditionally or do we love some  people with stipulations? I know there are certain people in my life that I would give my life up to save without a question, but what about the rest? Would I give my life up for any one of them or is there a line I would not cross? We all love people in our lives, however, are there different degrees of love? Does this love have different parameters with different people? Can some action or situation become a deal-breaker? How far we would go for the people we love? This is a question that requires self-reflection.

     So we have our lessons from Trish who is beautiful, confident, cynical, tough, loving and a bit sad. She is a complex woman just like each and every one of you (although I have said woman this applies to you complex men as well). You all possess your own set of unique qualities that are part of your genetic make up. This makes you a beautiful individual. Most of all she is a Movie Bad Girl who gains strength out of her fear and stops running to face, for lack of a better term, her demons. Talk about becoming self-empowered. Now let’s all channel our inner Trish and go into the world with our heads held high!

Until next time Embrace Your Inner Bad Girl because being bad feels so damn good!

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