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Mother of the Macabre

Once upon a time…

There was a charming and funny woman who lived in the Deep Barons Wilderness Area of New Jersey. She had two sons, Ike and Addley. She raised the boys teaching them all about manners and the little details like wiping your feet on the doormat before entering the house and playing a board game when someone else wanted to because it is the polite thing to do. Both her boys, although men in age, behave with a mentality more like young boys. It was obvious that all of their schooling had been done at home. One other thing you should know…this delightful lady and her family are a clan of brutal psychopaths with no regard for human life. One weekend 3 women who were college roommates got together for their annual reunion vacation. This year it is a camping trip in the Deep Barons. The murderous boys kidnap the women and bring them home to mother. The family plans to eliminate them one at a time because it brings them great pleasure. This time they messed with the wrong ladies and revenge will be the order of the day.

The movie is “Mother’s Day” (1980) This film is a campy, dark comedy/horror film, however the film has moments of incredible brutality towards some of the women in the film. If you are squeamish or easily upset this movie is not for you.

Mother, one of the most disturbing characters ever captured on film.

Mother, one of the most disturbing yet funny characters ever captured on film.

The mother in this film is a villain of horrific proportions. She is also quirky and likable. I’ve said some bad girls actually are bad or evil and Ma (we never learn her real name) is at the top of the list. We can however learn a few things from the homicidal and maternal woman. Let’s enter the quirky and violent world of “Mother’s Day” where humor and horror blend to bring you a twisted ride. This is Movie Bad Girl of the Week: The Mommy Edition.

Early in the film we see Ma at a weekend seminar that is just ending. She offers a young couple a ride. We learn that she lives deep in the woods but she assures the couple that doesn’t make her out of touch with the world. She admits that she takes what is good from the city and the rest you can keep. It appears that the young couple is intending to do something very bad to the woman. Before they can the car breaks down and she throws the hood up to get the car started again. Out of nowhere two men appear and kill the man and beat the woman severely. Ma kills the woman and then tells her boys that they have made their mother very proud.

In life we should thirst for knowledge. Going to a seminar is one way to gather new information in a group setting. You can also watch documentaries, read books or take up a class in something that interest you like cooking or sewing.

In life we need to take what is good for us and apply it to our daily lives. It may be watching the news to stay informed, it could be reading information on websites that help us make improvements in ourselves or in our family, it could be a new skill. The rest we can leave behind if it warrants no merit in our life.

Ma throws up the hood of her car to get it restarted.

Ma throws up the hood of her car to get it restarted.

Ma is able to throw up the hood of her car. This is a talent we should all possess on some level. I am no mechanic but there are some things I know how to do in case of a breakdown…for everything else I have AAA. The point is this makes you more independent and less likely to need help. This doesn’t just apply to cars. We should all know how to repair things around the house, sew something that gets torn or be able to take care of our lawns.

Be cautious of people you don’t really know. Ma could have been killed by the young couple. However this did not happen because she is a cold blooded killer and had plans for these kids too. What this translates into is we should all have some knowledge of self-defense and then hopefully never actually have to use it. People are hurt or worse everyday. Watch the nightly news. It is a horror show all its own. Self-defense training can be the difference between life and death.

The night the boys bring the three kidnapped ladies home Ma reprimands her sons for not wiping their feet before they came in the house and then for not kissing her afterwards. They take the ladies upstairs to their weight room. They show them all to mother who approves of what they have done. She behaves like the boys went shopping and brought her home flowers or a nice piece of jewelry. She selects one of the girls for the family’s amusement. After securing the girls with rope they take one downstairs for the evening. This is the most disturbing portion of the movie. Ma comes out dressed like she is going to the theater. The boys bring the woman (Jackie) down and perform a series of brutal and violent skits with her. Ma sits there entertained at the show. When the performance is over mother gives her sons permission to let Jackie spend the night in their room just so they don’t complain about being tired the next morning. She then makes a sinister statement asking them to lock up good because “Queenie” is out there.

Ma and Addley have a laugh at Ike's expense as one of the city gals (Trina) insults him.

Ma and Addley have a laugh at Ike’s expense as one of the city gals (Trina) insults him.

All kids need guidance. As adults it is our responsibility to help children learn what they should. This encompasses so many things. Wipe your feet before you come in the house. Asking to be excused from the table when you are done eating. Showing affection to a parent or relative when they come in the house. Saying please and thank you. This is how we help assure that kids will grow up to be respectful adults.

When a child brings you something as a gift meant to please you make sure to acknowledge how much it means to you. This will make the children know that they have done good and you truly appreciate that they did this for you and you alone.

Although I do not agree with violence and/or murder outside of plot points in TV, movies or books, I do recommend encouraging a child’s creativity. It may be a play or skit the child wants to write and act out. It could be painting a picture or writing a story. Enjoy the child’s joy and share that happiness with them. It will encourage them to be more creative in the future and really put their imaginations to work.

Kids all need to be given a little rope. They also need to know that is comes with conditions. One example could be “I am letting you go to a late movie on a school night and I don’t want you to complain that you are tired in the morning.” It lets the child know that you are giving them a little more freedom but it must be earned. Also they need to know that there will be consequences should they not follow through with their end of the deal.

Ma enjoys a good laugh.

Ma enjoys a good laugh.

The following morning we see Ma making Ike and Addley breakfast. They have an enjoyable morning filled with conversation and laughs. Ma really loves her boys and loves to laugh with them. For all the weirdness this family is there really is a lot of love and laughter. Ma takes  the boys out for there morning exercise. She has developed a work out routine for them to make them the best they can be (at murder). After a grueling workout she gives the boys a break. In the meantime their captives have been working at an escape. They are almost recaptured but the boys hear the Ma screaming from the front yard. The sons run to the front yard to see what is wrong. Their mother says she saw her sister Queenie was coming to get her. We will later find out that Queenie is Ma’s sister and was evil (an amazing statement from this family) from birth and wants nothing more than to kill them all. She tells them to forget the girls for the moment and to be thankful there mother was not killed. Ma is terrified of Queenie.

Every morning breakfast should be a pleasant start to the day for any family. Enjoying food together, talking and having some smiles and laughter before you start your day. This is a healthy start to your day and when you leave the house for school or work you will be in a happy state of mind making the day so much better.

Encouraging kids to go outside to play and get exercise has become a lost art in the age of cell phones and tablets. Fresh air and physical activity is so important to a child’s well being. Lead by example if you need to. Set up a volleyball net in the backyard and play with your kids for a little while. It can be any activity but get those kids out in the fresh air and sunshine. Just make sure that they don’t overdo it. Rest is equally important although kids seem to have an endless supply of energy.

In the case of letting the girls go for the moment. Some things are more important than others and we need to teach ourselves (and the children) to prioritize. Some things may seem extremely important to us, in the bigger picture something else may warrant the attention that is at hand. This is different for everyone and you should act accordingly.

The boys come to Ma's rescue when she sees Queenie in the woods surrounding their property.

The boys come to Ma’s rescue when she sees Queenie in the woods surrounding their property.

Ma being afraid of Queenie. There are people and/or situations that terrify us. We need to use caution when it comes to some things in our lives. We all know people and /or relatives that have no love or regard for us. I am not saying they will murder us in our sleep, I am saying there are people will ill intent that will take everything they can get from you and/or cause you pain and grief. It is best to eliminate those people from your life. You have no use for them, they however, can take plenty from you. Also if you deem a situation dangerous perhaps it is one that, if possible, you should avoid all together.

Ike attempts to recapture the girls. Ma and Addley stay home playing board games. Addley and Ma get into a conversation about etiquette. Addley implies that Ma says Queenie is out there just to make them stay with her. She lays it on the line explaining how bad her sister is. Ike fails to get the girls and Ma although angry and disappointed does let him know she forgives him and loves him dearly.  Sadly for this clan they are too sure of themselves and the girls (Abbey and Trina, Jackie died shortly after their escape due to the brutal treatment she endured) return murdering the entire psychotic brood. This should be a happy ending except for one thing. We finally get to meet Queenie.

Teaching kids to be polite should go without saying, however, I have met kids that don’t even have a rudimentary sense of manners. Kids should be given a sense of etiquette involving all areas of life. This goes with proper manners, when to excuse yourself and how to behave in social settings knowing when to say yes or no and please or thank you. Sir and Ma’am are also a nice touch.

We try to protect kids from being hurt and tell them things that we know are for their own good. It may be about a family member, a person that lives in the neighborhood or perhaps an activity that is unsafe. The children may sometimes believe we are just trying to manipulate them. We must stand firm with what we are saying because in the future some of these things will be easier for them to understand. They may get furious with us. They may say they hate us. We know that we are protecting them from what could be great harm. (We all went through this with our own parents)

If a child misbehaves or fails at something it is okay to let them know that you may be disappointed at their performance or decision. This usually will make a child very sad, hurt or even angry. That is why it is equally important not to emotionally punish the child for too long. Let them know that no matter what they are your baby and that you love them very, very much. That sense of security will make a big difference on how that child perceives himself or herself. You don’t want them thinking that if they are not good at something or make a mistake that love will be taken away from them.

Last lesson…don’t do wrong unto others. If you are going to be someone who brings pain or harm beware. It will eventually catch up and it will be you that is left hurt. Keep in mind that if you are one of these people that your kids are watching and learning that this type of behavior is acceptable and it may be you that suffers the consequences of these actions when your kids are older. I know that you my readers are good people and don’t need to worry about this particular lesson.

Ma may be bad in a very bad way but has so many points that we can use as a positive in our lives.

I know this ended on kind of a sour note and I apologize. Ma is a quirky and funny character with a disposition that looks at murder as being ordinary as taking out the trash at night. She is unique and somehow very likable even though she is the villain of the movie. Fun fact: In the credits Rose Ross is listed as playing Mother. In reality the actress is Beatrice Pons known for her work on “The Phil Silver’s Show” and as Gunther’s wife on “Car 54, Where Are You?” I guess she used the pseudonym because of the subject matter of the film. I wish she would have used her real name. It is a (at times) savage horror film but her performance is 100% funny and fun. Isn’t that why  we watch movies in the first place? To have fun? Until next week Embrace Your Inner Bad Girl because it will make your mother proud.

The mother to end all mothers. Mind your P's and Q's and make her proud.

The mother to end all mothers. Mind your P’s and Q’s and make her proud.


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