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Giving Thanks

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Thanksgiving is approaching quickly. That makes this the time of year that we think about what we are thankful for. In reality we should be thinking of what we are thankful for on a year round basis and not just in November at Thanksgiving time. So I am going to list things that I am thankful for all the time. I do speak of things I am thankful for year round although not enough. I am making a list here to let you know some of the things I both appreciate and am very thankful for year round. Make your own list, I would love to hear some of the things you are thankful for.


A list of some things I am thankful for…(to list all of them would take weeks)

I am thankful to my Grandparents for raising me like their own child. They gave me a wonderful life, one that would have been lacking had either of my parents raised me. They got married far too young and separated while I was an infant. At the time neither of them was ready to raise a child on their own and I do not hold this against them. I know that both loved me very much and made sure that my grandparents (on my father’s side) adopted me so that I would have a good life.  My mother faded out of the picture while I was still very young so I only have a couple vague memories of her. I would someday like to meet her again. My father and I for many years had a rocky relationship that was a mixture of emotions both positive and negative. Now as an adult he and I have a wonderful and loving relationship and for that I am also thankful.

I am thankful that my grandmother gave me a special gift. The gift of loving books and reading. I can spend hours lost in a wonderful story. When I have nothing to do I can go up the street to the used bookstore and come home with several novels for very little money and have entertainment for days. This also led to my love of writing which I get to do here and it brings me endless pleasure. So for that I must say “Thank you Grandma for giving me such a wonderful gift.” I am hard at work on a novel of my own which I hope to get published. If I can get it published I want my grandmother to have the very first copy, it is because of her that I am on this particular journey.

I am thankful to my aunt Maxine. She has always been there for me through thick and thin and has always behaved more like a big sister (which legally is who she is being my grandparents adopted me) to me. She has shown me support in my all endeavors (however hair-brained they may have sounded) and has pulled my butt out of more than one scrape. I love her and am so thankful that she is my family, even if she does on occasion tell me she doesn’t like a particular item of my clothing that use on stage.

I find myself complaining about the cost of groceries, car payments, insurance, the price of clothes plus the cost of doing the laundry, the price we pay for satellite, the fact that on 150 channels I cannot find a thing to watch and the cost of rent. Rather than complain I should voice my thanks. I have food to eat, a decent SUV to get around in, nice things to wear that I can keep laundered, that I actually have 150 channels to choose from instead of not having TV and a nice place to live. I know there are so many people that have to do without some or all of these things so I am truly thankful.

This year I was feeling down about not seeing my family for Thanksgiving. Shame on me. I am thankful that I have family that is alive and well and I am not alone in this world. My Grandmother, Father, Aunt, Step-Mom, brother and sisters and numerous cousins, all in different locations and doing well. I love you all.

I am thankful for my extended family. If you are not sure what extended family is let me explain. These are the families that we create for ourselves. These people start out as friends, school mates or co-workers and you build relationships that are strong and rock solid as your bond with your family is.  Although my blood relatives may be in other places these beautiful folks are all around me. If you are my extended family I say thank you for being a part of my life. I love you, each and every one.

The best husband in the world.

The best husband in the world.

I am so, so, so thankful for my husband. I won the lottery on this one. I could not ask for a better man in my life. He is loving and supportive and is always there for me. We share everything good and bad and have built a wonderful life together. I hope he knows how much I appreciate and love him. Scott, you are my everything.

I am thankful for my in-laws. Scott’s family welcomed me in and have shown us love and support. I am thankful and love each and everyone of them from my father and mother in law, to sisters and brother in law to the nieces and nephews, aunts,uncles and cousins.

I am thankful that we have pushed through a year that was a bit rough and we have weathered the storm beautifully. There were bumps in the road and we walked over them hand in hand.

For those of you that do not know: I am overweight. I will not say I am thankful for this. What I am thankful for is the fact that I am comfortable enough in my own body to get up on stage in front of people sometimes doing risque numbers and showing quite a bit of skin. I am thankful that people respond to my confidence when I do. They watch and they applaud at the end of my acts and they later tell me how much they enjoyed them. Ladies and gentlemen, you are perfect and beautiful just the way you are and you can do anything you want. Don’t believe me? Come and see one of my more adult style performances. If I can do it, you can do it. You can do anything you want in your beautiful perfection.

I am thankful that there are so many movies out there with strong women characters. These ladies are the inspiration for my weekly writing. The movies may take us places we will never go but the strength these women show is universal and we all have it within ourselves.

I am thankful to Jennette Cronk for her friendship and for inviting me to write for  WLBPA and giving me a platform where I can share what I have to say. I am also thankful to be included with a group of dynamic and diverse writers that always have something interesting to share. As a writer there is no greater satisfaction then having people read what you have created. There are so many talented people out there that will create volumes of writing which, sadly, will never be seen by anyone. That makes this both an honor and a privilege.

I am thankful for YOU! It brings me so much joy knowing that you are reading my columns. I enjoy writing more than you may know and it is validating to know you are reading. Each and every one of you holds a very special place in my heart. Thank You!

I hope everyone has a safe and wonderful holiday. My regular column will return next week. Remember that I gave you homework. Watch “Dolores Claiborne”,  she is the subject of next week’s column.

As a bonus I wanted to share a video with a very easy Thanksgiving dessert treat. Enjoy!







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