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Embrace Your Inner Bad Girl

Ask Madeleine is off for this week (as she is on vacation with her family).  This is the perfect time to introduce our new contributor, Alexandra Elaine Michaels, and her awesome new column, MOVIE BAD GIRL OF THE WEEK!  Time to get sassy.

Joanna Crane aka China Blue

By Alexandra Elaine Michaels

Who do we see in the media? Snooki, Lindsay Lohan, The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills? Lots of people say they are bad girls. I disagree. They are bad role models. The only thing they offer is showing people how to be spoiled and bitchy, and unless you have their money this probably will not work for you.

I love bad girls in film. These are the characters I find myself watching with rapt attention whether I love them or love to hate them. Face it…these characters are the most fun to watch!

What is a bad girl? A bad girl is a character in a movie that may be based on an actual person or could be completely fictional. Using the term “Bad Girl” doesn’t mean the character is actually bad or an evil villain. The common factor in movie bad girls is this: They all have some quality or trait that makes them strong. These ladies possess a sense of self-empowerment, something we could all use. We are going to explore a different bad girl every week and I am going to point out how being a little like her can be a positive thing in your home and/or work life. I hope you enjoy this…it is going to be a wild ride.

Kathleen Turner in Crimes of Passion (1984)

Kathleen Turner in Crimes of Passion (1984)

Crimes of Passion is a very twisted, dark comedy where Kathleen Turner plays Joanna Crane, a woman who leads a double life. During the day Joanna is a fashion designer who excels at her job. She has a tidy page-boy and dresses in professional attire. She works very long hours and is 100% dedicated to her craft. When Joanna punches out for the day a different woman appears. Joanna dons a blonde wig and a shiny blue dress and hits the street as her alter-ego, China Blue. China is a prostitute working out of a seedy hotel room in the red light district. Now she is in charge, turning tricks and giving men their girl-dreams are made of and fulfills her own fantasies at the same time. She enjoys this double life working for someone during the day and being her own boss at night.

I am not recommending that you become a prostitute, but there are some wonderful qualities that can work to your advantage in this bad girl.

What can we learn from Joanna Crane?

In your work life find something you love to do and do it to the best of your ability. Whether you are a lawyer, a cashier or even a pole dancer give it your all and remember at all times that you are a professional at what you do and should conduct yourself as such at all times. If you are not happy with your career there are many options you can explore.

What can we learn from China Blue?

When you leave your day job it is “you” time. Do something that makes you happy where you call the shots. Explore your wild side. Do something you find exciting! Some of you might do something as simple as getting up on a stage to sing at karaoke or trying your hand at comedy at an open mic night. Some of you might want to do something a little more daring like taking a class in the art of striptease to spice up your bedroom life, or you might want to try your hand at writing. The point is that “you” do something that “you” want to. This will provide you some stress relief from your everyday life. Stress relief is very important for your well-being.

    Until next time, find your inner Bad Girl because being bad feels so damn good!


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