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We watch television pretty much everyday of our lives where we can be entertained, educated and informed. Some of you may even watch the racy channels to spice up your life a bit. When we love a show we invest in the characters and want to watch their exploits, adventures and dramas on a weekly basis. Watch a show enough and you actually feel like you know the characters and it is like visiting with cherished friends. The family dynamic is always a great subject for a show. This week we are visiting with some TV moms. Who do you think of when I say TV mom? Carol Brady? June Cleaver? Florida Evans?

Carol Brady

Carol Brady

June Cleaver

June Cleaver










Florida Evans

Florida Evans

We think of these wonderful and delightfully loving mothers when we hear the term TV mom and the list goes on and on. This week we are pushing these ladies aside and doing a count-down on terrible TV moms. Don’t get me wrong. Each character I have selected does love her family (even if it is in her own strange way) but her parenting skills leave much to be desired. This is Movie Bad Girl of the Week: Television Edition: Terrible TV Mom Awards. So without further hesitation we begin and I am saving who I believe is the worst mom in television history for last. This is going to be fun!


The Award for the mom who needs a lesson in not spoiling her kids and learning how to be a decent human being goes to: 

Harriet Oleson: “Little House on the Prairie”

Face it, she is a mom you love to hate.

Face it, she is a mom you love to hate.

Katherine MacGregor is so deliciously bitchy as Harriet Oleson. She is the wealthiest woman in town and has decided that because of this she is better than everyone and treats them as such. Harriet care about one thing…Harriet.  She is also the town gossip loving nothing more than sticking her nose into other people’s business and spreading rumors. She wears the pants in the family and why her husband (it must be love) puts up with it is beyond me. The problem is she spoils her kids and teaches them to be snobs and they walk around treating their “friends” the way their mother treats the townspeople. She doesn’t punish her kids no matter how rotten what they did is and she loves blaming poor little country girl Laura Ingalls for many of the mishaps caused by her bratty daughter Nellie. She has an equally bratty son named Willie. She enables terrible behavior in her kids and praises and rewards them for it. Her husband sometimes will get fed up and let her have it. After her kids were grown she adopted a new daughter, Nancy. She let this child become evil incarnate. Many times though Harriet got what she deserved in the most humorous ways.

The Award for the mom that does all the wrong things for all the right reasons goes to:

Lynette Scavo “Desperate Housewives”

Lynette cannot win for losing. Bless her, she tries.

Lynette cannot win for losing. Bless her, she tries.

Once upon a time Lynette Scavo was a high powered business woman. She was successful at her career and was a shark in the company she worked for. Then Lynette and her husband got pregnant. The babies kept coming. Lynette gave up her career to raise a family. Lynette was pregnant with six children but one passed away. When we meet her she is a stay at home mom with four of the children. Her 3 boys are heathens and are uncontrollable. She is bitter about having kids and then feels guilty for the bitterness she feels because she does love them. She just doesn’t like them very much. She misses the exciting world of business and sometimes her family pays the price for it. When things are not going her way (and make no mistake, she wears the pants) she will lie and manipulate her own family to get the result she wants. Bad Mommy! Sadly for Lynette every time she does this it backfires and blows up in her face putting her in many sticky situations. She runs her house like a drill sergeant. If she were my mom I think I would run away from home. Felicity Huffman shined in this role.

The Award for the mom that needs to grow the hell up goes to:

Judy Miller “Still Standing”

Jamie Gertz rocks it as Judy. She is a mom with the appearance of a cougar and she acts like a teenager. Somebody needs to get a clue.

Jamie Gertz rocks it as Judy. She is a mom with the appearance of a cougar and she acts like a teenager. Somebody needs to give her a clue.

Judy Miller defends her family like a mother lion, unless of course she is the one slamming them. Judy is one of those people who never wanted to leave high school. She is still a very attractive woman with three kids and you can tell that she would trade places with her teenage daughter in a heartbeat. She and her husband Bill feed each other’s dysfunction and the couple acts more like kids than adults most of the time. Their teenage son is more mature than both of them combined. She thinks it is funny to screw with her kids heads for her amusement. She lies to them. She pranks them. She manipulates them. She will ground her kids because they lied to go to a party but not before embarrassing them publicly to teach them a lesson. Then she will go out with Bill as they try to recapture their youth and the go to a party or concert just like their kids were trying to do when they got caught. All in all though she has spirit…spirit that would be okay if she were a junior in college.

The Award for the meanest and scariest mom on television goes to: 

It is a tie!

Rochelle Rock “Everybody Hates Chris”


Lois Wilkerson “Malcolm in the Middle”

Tichina Arnold as Rochelle Rock a mom with attitude.

Tichina Arnold as Rochelle Rock a mom with attitude.

Rochelle Rock is sassy, mouthy, obnoxious and at times mean. The family lives in the ghetto and somehow Rochelle still manages to be a snob. She could teach Madea a thing or two about being an angry black woman and she does it with comedic style. Rochelle loves her family. There is only one rule to get along in her house. Do it Rochelle’s way. She is quick to temper and suspicion. She can verbally blast you through a wall. She is demanding and selfish. She is never wrong, and if she is you will pretend she is right because the alternative is terrifying. She runs her family with terror. They never know when an outburst will come or what will set it off. It could be as simple as using to much soap to do the dishes. Her husband is tight with money but this doesn’t stop Rochelle. She is always worried how others (meaning not her family) perceive her. She can’t keep a job. She will get pissed, shoot her mouth off and quit. Then if she can’t get any sympathy at home she will remember something you did to piss her off….4 years ago. Her parenting skills are terrifying and her kids try to stay in line instead of facing her wrath. Her punishments can go too far. Her punishments can be physically and emotionally terrible. She does this because she loves them and wants them to all do well and believes this is the way a loving mother would handle it. She is oblivious to the fact that she is selfish and it is all about her. If you sit down to watch an episode get ready to laugh. Rochelle’s character is scary and mean and funny as hell.

Lois Wilkerson: The other mean mommy.

Jane Kaczmarek as Lois Wilkerson: A mean mom who will make you laugh.

Lois runs her household and family with an iron fist. She is a bitch and there are no two ways around it. She is domineering and is a bully. She yells at her kids, her husband or complete strangers if it is her pleasure. She is crass, rude and scary. She loves her family and has a strange way of showing it. Her punishments are physically abusive at times and designed to teach a lesson…or get a confession. She will pit her kids against one another and is not beyond bribing one of them to rat the others out. She will defend her family in a heartbeat and would have no qualms about telling you to go F*** yourself. She is stubborn and will not back down from anyone or anything. Her family is dysfunction but it is her family and in her own twisted way she believes that she is showing them how much she cares for and loves them. If she were my mom I would call social services myself. I can laugh because the show is dark comedy that is sharply written and Jane Kaczmarek’s performance as Lois is unforgettable.

Now the moment you have all been waiting for! The Award for the worst mother in television history goes to:

Peggy Bundy “Married with Children”

Katey Sagal as the #1 rotten mom Peg Bundy!

Katey Sagal as #1 rotten mom Peggy Bundy.

Out of all the rotten TV moms Peggy Bundy takes the cake. She came from a trashy family, married her high school sweetheart and raised her own family. She believes she is classy but alas, she is still trash.How her kids lived beyond their first 6 months I will never know. Child care is not her strong suit. Her daughter Kelly is a slut and her son Bud is a perverted boy who only thinks about sex…thinks about it. No girls want anything to do with the Budster, they find him repulsive (and that’s the slutty ones) Her husband Al works a dead-end job selling women’s shoes and he is a pig with no respect for women. Peggy does not work, she does not clean, she does not buy groceries or cook (she enjoys eating out without her family) and could care less if they eat or not.  She spends money like Al is a CEO of a large corporation, not on food, not on her kids, always on herself. She doesn’t care if her kids need new shoes because she had to buy new lingerie to try and entice her husband to sleep with her even if it only takes him 2 minutes. She ignores her kids and husband alike, takes no interest in their daily lives and will lay on the couch all day watching Oprah and eating bonbons. She gives new meaning to selfish because she neglects her children’s needs all the time but yet is proud that they are the Bundys. She loves her family in a very misdirected way. There is nothing worse than a mother that neglects her family and 90% of the time she does. This why I selected Peggy to come in #1 on this list of bad moms.

On a more serious note. All the moms on the list are in great shows and their performances are all very funny. If these were real people and not characters written for shows you wouldn’t be reading this because I wouldn’t give these women the time of day. We enjoy laughing at the antics of these characters on screen but in reality a person that is a bad parent is someone who put their kids (who should be cherished) in a terrible situation. I know all of you reading this are good parents and for this I am thankful. The unfortunate truth is so many kids are growing up in unhealthy homes where they are punished in horrible ways or neglected for real. They can be any age. They may work where you work in the evenings or on the weekend, they might be your kids friends, your daughter might babysit one of them, they could be your kids classmate. The fact is abuse doesn’t know age limits and anyone can be a victim. If you suspect that a child is being abused you may want to talk to them gently without sounding like you are badgering them to find out what their home life is like. If they want to talk about they will. Don’t try and force it. If they do talk the most important thing you can do is listen. If you suspect that they are being abused there are agencies you can contact anonymously just to have them check up on the child’s welfare. The real crime would be knowing about it and doing nothing. No one deserves to be treated with physical, emotional or sexual abuse. We deserve to be happy, healthy and loved.

Be good to each other and have a fabulous week. Now let’s turn on the TV and watch some moms we love to hate.


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