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Bad Girl Movies That I Love

Weekly I write about a particular character in a particular film. This week I wanted to throw some titles out there containing characters and movies I have not written about that are fun films to watch. Eventually these ladies will end up with their own columns but in the meantime check out these fun flicks.

“Run Lola Run” (1988) Rated:R

Franka Potente as Lola in "Run Lola Run"

Moritz Bleibtreu as Manni and Franka Potente as Lola in “Run Lola Run”

“Run Lola Run” has one of the simplest plots in human history and the story takes just slightly more than 20 minutes to tell. Lola’s boyfriend Manni is in a bad situation. He is a small time criminal and is on the way to take money to his boss Ronnie. He was relying on Lola to get him there but her Moped was stolen so he is forced to take the subway. On the subway he is frightened when he sees the police and accidentally leaves the bag containing the money on the train. As the train is pulling out Manni notices a bum checking the bag out. He races to catch the train at the next stop but the bag containing the money is gone.

Manni in desperation calls Lola telling her that if he does not come up with 100,000 marks in 20 minutes he will be killed. He wants to rob a supermarket he is near. Lola convinces him to wait and says she will be there with the money. She asks her father, who is a banker and he refuses to help her. Lola rushes on foot (without the money) in an attempt to reach her boyfriend and hopefully save his life. There you have it. I said it takes just over 20 minutes for the story to unfold on screen and this is the truth. The magic of this film is the story is told 3 different times and the timeline is skewed by just a few seconds changing the story each time. (Example: Version 1: Lola almost collides with workmen carrying a plate glass window, Version 2: Lola crashes through the plate glass window, Version 3: Lola runs by just after the plate glass window has passed). This movie works on a unique level where the outcome is changed each time by the timing of Lola’s run trying to get to her boyfriend. We see 3 versions of what happens with the people she passes on her run and we get three different outcomes to the story. This movie is just plain fun. It is available in both it’s original German language with subtitles and there is a version dubbed in English. Now sit back and prepare to go on an exciting ride three times!

“Bound” (1996) Rated:R

Gina Gershon as Corky and Jennifer Tilly as Violet in "Bound"

Gina Gershon as Corky and Jennifer Tilly as Violet in “Bound”

Corky has just gotten out of prison. She is a small time criminal. She has decided to live a crime free life and has taken a job renovating apartments. One day on the elevator on the way up to her job she encounters a mafioso, Ceaser and his girlfriend Violet. Violet and Corky lock eyes and it is obvious Violet is flirting.

A day later Violet approaches Corky and begins to flirt even more. Slowly but surely she seduces Corky and the ladies begin having an affair. After 5 years Violet is sick of the mob life and wants to get away from Ceaser and his Mafia family and connections.

One of Ceaser’s associates has been skimming money and they bring him to the apartment and torture him to find out where the money is. Ceaser’s job is laundering money for the “family”. Violet who hates the violence goes to see Corky for comfort. She tells Corky that Ceaser will find the missing 2 million and it will end up in their apartment so it can be returned to the big mob boss Gino Marzzone. Violet wants to take the money and leave town with Corky to start a new life.

Corky does not entirely trust Violet or her motives and after some thought gives in. Corky sets up a plan that will get them the money and make it look like Ceaser took it. What follows is one hell of a roller coaster ride as the plan unfolds.

The first half of the movie is all character development and doesn’t look like the movie is promising anything but once the ladies kick their plan into action it is one of the most exciting films you will ever see. What happens when two women decide to rip-off the Mafia for 2 million dollars? You’ll have to watch the movie and you won’t be disappointed.

“Savage Streets” (1984) Rated:R

Linda Blair as Brenda and  Johnny Venocur as Vince in "Savage Streets"

Linda Blair as Brenda and Johnny Venocur as Vince in “Savage Streets”

“Savage Streets” is just plain 80’s exploitation fun. Linda Blair plays Brenda, leader of an all girl gang. One night while they are out on the town Brenda’s deaf/mute sister Heather is almost run down by a car being driven by Jake, a brutal young man whose gang is the Scars. Brenda and her friends retaliate. They hot-wire the car and drive past the Scars laughing all the way. Jake later finds his car filled with garbage. He is furious.

The next day Heather comes to Brenda’s school to ride home with her. Jake and the Scars spot her and proceed to beat and sexually assault her. Heather ends up in intensive care. Brenda meets with the principal of the school, Mr. Underwood who offers no help whatsoever.

A few days later Jake and his minions kill one of Brenda’s friends throwing her off a high bridge. Her friend is killed on impact with the concrete below. Brenda decides to take matters into her own hands.

In what is a wonderfully 80’s movie cliche’, Brenda goes home, takes a bath while plotting on how to handle the situation, does her make-up and hair and puts on a sexy black outfit. She then stops at a hunting supply store and purchases a crossbow and bear traps. Brenda hunts the guys down one by one punishing them for their crimes.

This movie is so gleefully 80’s and there were a lot of movies like this one. This one is a guilty pleasure for me however. The clothing and hairstyles date the movie as does the soundtrack, the acting is less than stellar and the movie has more nudity than necessary. At the same time this film has an incredible sense of silly fun. Take a trip back in time and enjoy this retro movie treat.

There you go. Three movies that I love and can watch over and over. If you have never seen them, look them up. If you have seen them, watch them again. They are fun and isn’t that the reason we watch movies? What are some of your favorite bad girl films or guilty pleasures? Maybe you can give me some titles I haven’t watched yet. Until next time enjoy some fun films and let these bad girls take you on a journey into a world that is not your own.



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