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A Preview of Coming Attractions

I had a different column in mind for today, however I have changed my mind. This week people everywhere have been very excited by the premier of the new trailer for “Star Wars: The Force Awakens”. I am not one of those people. It did get me thinking about trips to the movies and the trailers for upcoming films being one of the most exciting parts of any trip to the local theater. If I missed any of the previews that trip to the movies was a less satisfying experience. Sometimes the previews are dead on and the sense of anticipation started by the trailer will continue to build until you get to see the actual film. At other times the trailer is far better than the film that is being advertised. I have gathered some of my favorite movie previews from over the years to share. Sometimes I got everything and more when I saw the actual movies and at other times they should have just released the 2 minutes preview instead of the terrible film they actually got you to go spend your hard earned money on. So sit back, relax and enjoy a preview of coming attractions.

“The Blue Lagoon” (1980)

When I saw the trailer for this it was at that age when hormones are kicking in as we develop into our teenage years. I really wanted to see this movie because Christopher Atkins was nearly naked in the preview and I really wanted to be allowed at the time (in a fairly innocent way) to admire his body. Being the movie was “R” rated I needed an adult to take me and I got my wish. Imagine my surprise (and to be frankly honest) delight that he went full frontal in the movie and I got to see his privates. I think he was my first big celebrity crush. The movie was a beautiful love story and is still a great movie today. Seeing Chris Atkins full frontal now is not very exciting now like it was when I was 13. Sometimes becoming a grown up sucks…lol.


“Bug” (1975)

This creepy little gem was the last film by the late, great William Castle. It is a story about a cockroach type bug that comes out of the crevice from an earthquake. This bug us highly intelligent and can cause combustion starting fires at will. It was a fun little flick then and is actually a fun little flick now. If you don’t like creepy crawlies I would avoid this one altogether.


“Where the Boys Are ’84” (1984)

When I was still in high school and teen sex comedies were coming out by the week I couldn’t wait to see this particular comedy about 4 college girlfriends who go to Fort Lauderdale to take Spring Break by storm. We wanted romance and big laughs…this movie fell short. The preview was a lot more fun than the actual film…sometimes you need to leave the classics alone.


“Moonraker” (1979)

At the height of the sci-fi craze with “Star Wars” and just about every other science fiction movie coming out they decided to take James Bond into space using Ian Fleming’s “Moonraker” as the next outing for 007. I have to say they delivered the goods in one of the strongest of the series entries starring Roger Moore. The movie is still a hell of a lot of escapist fun today. Look it up and have a little retro-fun.


“Exorcist II: The Heretic” (1977)

Four years after the success of “The Exorcist” Warner Bros. decided it was time to revisit Regan MacNeil. The original movie shocked and horrified people world wide and this trailer promised a movie that would continue the horror…promised. Linda Blair said in one interview that this was not the movie she signed on to and that the original script was far different than this disaster on film. This is easily one of the worst movies ever made and it will leave you scratching your head wondering “WTF?”

Go get a snack and then we will continue the cavalcade of movie trailers


“Monster” (2003)

I think we all have a fascination with the workings of the mind of serial killers. If we didn’t I think there would be fewer true crime shows on television. Aileen Wuornos committed a string of brutal shootings along the highways of Florida and her story captured the attention of millions. The preview for this film is powerful and when you see the full movie Charlize Theron will blow you away. Sometimes the preview is a perfect match for the film…this is one of those times.


“Batman and Robin” (1997)

The trailer rocks! The movie is a snooze fest. Zzzz…………


“Whore” (1991)

This movie is the flip-side of “Pretty Woman” and paints a dark and bleak picture of what the life of a prostitute is like. It is a compelling film. This is in my top 10 favorite movie trailers of all time and this trailer is NSFW.


“Savage Streets” (1984)

If you like movies with great acting and fantastic story this is not the movie for you.  If you love a good/bad movie like I do then you are going to have fun. Some of the actors in this film cannot act. The movie uses every cliche in the book and satisfies the need for nudity, sex and violence found in so many of the movies in the 1980’s. Linda Blair chews up her role as Brenda, the tough leader of a girl gang . This is one of my favorite exploitation films and I can watch over and over. The preview is fun, the movie is fun. It is cheesy and over the top camp at it’s very best….or worst depending on how you look at it.

I hope you enjoyed these trailers and had as much fun watching them as I had finding them to include in this column. Do you remember any movie preview that stands out in your mind? Let me know what it is. At some point I may revisit movie previews in this column or in Movie Bad Girl of the Week and would love to include some of your choices. Have a great week, be safe and may all the movies you watch be as good as the trailers for them that led you to them.

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