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31 Movie Bad Girls for Halloween Part 1

October is approaching fast which means Halloween will be here soon. I thought it would be fun to give you 31 Halloween Movie suggestions for 31 spooky, chilling and most of all, fun October nights. These movies all have one common factor: The ladies in the movies are all Movie Bad Girls and when it gets down to business these movies belong to them! Get ready to meet some bad ass ladies that will help you enjoy the scariest month of the year! This is Movie Bad Girl of the Week: The Halloween Movie List Edition!  Here are the first 9.

Julianna Margulies stars as Epps in "Ghost Ship"

Julianna Margulies stars as Epps in “Ghost Ship”

October 1

“Ghost Ship” (2002)

Stars: Julianna Margulies, Gabriel Byrne and Emily Browning

Rated: R for language, graphic violence, nudity and sexual content

Maureen Epps is a member of a boat salvage crew. Through a tip from a mysterious stranger named Jack Ferriman they head out in search of a ghost ship that he spotted on the open ocean. Once they locate the vessel they realize the ship is the Antonia Graza, an Italian ocean liner that vanished in 1962. As Epps and the crew are investigating the ship they go into the cargo hold and find boxes filled with solid bars of gold that is worth millions. Their excitement will be short lived as ghostly things begin to happen. The ghost of a young girl (Katie) is trapped on the ship and makes herself know to Epps. The ghostly girl takes Epps on a journey showing her that something very sinister is happening on board the luxury liner. It will be up to Epps to fight not just for her life but for the lives and very souls of her crew.

The ladies of "The Descent"

The ladies of “The Descent”

October 2

“The Descent” (2005)

Stars: Shauna Macdonald, Natalie Mendoza and Alex Reid

Rated: R for harsh language, graphic violence and intense scenes of horror and peril (Also available in an unrated edition)

We meet a group of six women who are into extreme sports. For their current trip they have decided to go and explore a cave system. They are taken to the entrance by Juno, a beautiful and tough as nails woman when it comes to these outings. The women are enjoying their trip until a passageway collapses behind them. It is at this time that Juno admits although they reported to the rangers that they were exploring that they are not in the cave system they had planned for. This particular cave is an unknown system and she thought they would all have a great time discovering the wonders of this mystery cave together. What it boils down to is the ladies are trapped and no one knows where they are. As the ladies search for a second exit out things go from bad to worse. One of the women breaks her leg making traveling even harder on the group. With their battery power getting lower by the second their nerves begin to fray. Their horror increases when they realize that they are not alone in the cave. They are trapped with a group of humanoid creatures that have adapted to life in the cave and they enjoy eating human flesh. It is now a race for the 6 ladies as they try to find the way out before they lose battery power and/or fall victim to these horrible creatures.

Sissy Spacek stars as bullied teen Carrie White in the classic horror film "Carrie"

Sissy Spacek stars as bullied teen Carrie White in the classic horror film “Carrie”

October 3

“Carrie” (1976)

Stars: Sissy Spacek, Piper Laurie and Nancy Allen

Rated: R for language, sexual content and violence.

No October is complete without a viewing of this classic film. Carrie White is a shy girl with a mother who has extreme religious beliefs. She is picked on by the kids at school for being clumsy and odd. Through a series of incidents Carrie White will go to the Senior Prom where her biggest bully Christine Hargensen will see that she gets the ultimate humiliation by making sure she is elected prom queen and dumping a bucket of pig’s blood on her. What happens next is electrifying as Carrie strikes back. What none of these kids knew was Carrie possesses the power of telekinesis and she isn’t going to be bullied ever again. This movie although a little dated visually still feels fresh in it’s story about teens, bullying and revenge.

Fairuza Balk stars as Nancy Downs in "The Craft"

Fairuza Balk stars as Nancy Downs in “The Craft”

October 4

“The Craft” (1996)

Stars: Robin Tunney, Fairuza Balk, Rachel True and Neve Campbell

Rated: R for language and violence

Sarah Bailey and her family move to California where she attends St. Benedict’s Academy. She ends up making friends with 3 girls who are basically outcasts. There is a rumor floating through the school that the three girls are witches. The girls begin trying to cast spells and they work. It turns out that this group of girls (including Sarah) are indeed witches. It starts out innocently enough but as one of the girls, Nancy Downs, becomes more and more hungry with the power she now has begins using her gift to hurt rather than to help. Everything is about to go wrong and it will become a epic battle between Nancy and Sarah and only one of these witches is going to walk away.

"Hostel 2" a movie about 3 American college girls traveling Europe who end up in a deadly situation.

“Hostel 2” a movie about 3 American college girls traveling Europe who end up in a deadly situation.

October 5

“Hostel 2” (2oo7)

Stars: Lauren German, Heather Matarazzo and Bijou Phillips

Rated: R for language, nudity, sexual content and scenes of graphic torture and violence (Also available in a unrated edition)

Beth, Whitney and Lorna are 3 American girls attending art school in Italy. They meet one of the models they have sketched, a beautiful woman named Axelle and let her know that they are planning a weekend trip to Prague. The trio encounter Axelle on the train to Prague that night and she convinces the girls to join her on a spa weekend in Slovakia instead. The girls agree to the change of plans. What they do not know is Axelle is setting them up. She is employed by Elite Hunting, a service that kidnaps people and sells them to the highest bidder. The buyer then gets to torture and murder the hapless victim. One of the girls, Beth, is about to change the rules of the game as she outplays Elite Hunting and the buyer on their own turf. “Hostel 2” is a very violent and intense movie and is not for everyone.


Morgan Brittany and Kay Lenz play sisters Patty and Sarah Goodwin in "The Initiation of Sarah"

Morgan Brittany and Kay Lenz play sisters Patty and Sarah Goodwin in “The Initiation of Sarah”

October 6

“The Initiation of Sarah” (1978)

Stars: Kay Lenz, Morgan Brittany, Morgan Fairchild and Shelly Winters

This is a television movie and is not rated. It contains mild violence.

Patty and Sarah Goodwin are sisters. Patty is beautiful and outgoing. Sarah (who was adopted) is shy and plain. They are going to college together. The girls during rush week go to visit sorority houses. The first house they visit is the same sorority there mother was a member of: Alpha Nu Sigma (ANS). The head girl in the sorority is a beautiful young woman named Jennifer Lawrence (played to bitchy perfection by Morgan Fairchild). She immediately wants Patty but will have nothing to do with Sarah. She recommends that Sarah check out a different sorority: Phi Epsilon Delta (PED) which is more of the “intellectual” girls. At the end of rush week Sarah is taken in by PED and Patty is taken in by ANS. There is a rivalry between the 2 houses and Jennifer is about to make Sarah’s life a living hell. She does everything she can to drive a wedge in between the sisters. She insist that Patty cannot have anything to do with Sarah because she is in PED (lovingly referred to as pigs, elephants and dogs by the ANS girls). Jennifer continues using Patty to hurt Sarah. What Jennifer does not know is PED’s house mother Erica Hunter is a witch and Sarah has powers which she is helping her to fine tune. The girls of ANS are gleefully torturing the girls of PED, especially Sarah and have no idea that payback time is coming.

Trina (Tiana Pierce) bound and gagged looks out the window at the horror her friend Jackie is enduring in "Mother's Day"

Trina (Tiana Pierce) bound and gagged looks out the window at the horror her friend Jackie is enduring in “Mother’s Day”

October 7

“Mother’s Day” (1980)

Stars: Nancy Hendrickson, Deborah Luce and Tiana Pierce

This film is not rated but contains language, nudity and graphic scenes of rape, torture and violence.

First off believe it or not this film is a horror comedy. Mother has trained her boys Ike and Addley to be killers. They make their Mama so proud. One weekend three former college roommates (Jackie, Trina and Abbey) get together for their annual weekend getaway. This weekend they are going camping and have chosen a spot (unknown to them) near the murderous clan. The boys kidnap the ladies and bring them home to mother. They tie two of the friends up (Trina and Abbey) and take the third (Jackie) downstairs into the backyard where the entertain their mother with a really twisted theater act that involves beating and raping the woman. The next day while the boys are out exercising in a program invented by there mother the two friends who are still trapped break free and look for their friend. They find Jackie and escape the house. They manage to reach the car but the boys have torn the engine up and they are miles from nowhere. Jackie dies that night and the next day the ladies go back to the house and attack the abnormal family in an act of revenge. The movie is violent but very campy and is not for kids.

Heidi Hawthorne (Sheri Moon Zombie) rides a goat in a bizarre occult hallucination in "The Lords of Salem"

Heidi Hawthorne (Sheri Moon Zombie) rides a goat in a bizarre occult hallucination in “The Lords of Salem”

October 8th

“The Lords of  Salem” (2012)

Stars: Sheri Moon Zombie, Bruce Davison and Judy Geeson

Rated: R for language, nudity, sexual situations, erotic imagery and violence

During the Salem Witch trials a coven was burned at the stake. Their accuser was a Reverend Hawthorne. In the present his last living relative Heidi Hawthorne is a DJ and a recovering drug addict. She loves the guys that she works with and is also good friends with her landlord. One night an album arrives at the station addressed to her. On it is a bizarre piece of music that causes Heidi to have visions. In the meantime her landlord’s sisters have come to visit. Heidi doesn’t realize the 3 women are witches plotting revenge on the town of Salem. Their plan is to use Heidi (the last living relative of the Reverend and Witch Finder) to kill off the female relatives of the people who burned the coven at the stake so long ago. The movie is moody and beautiful although the story seems a bit choppy and after viewing it 3 times the ending still doesn’t make much sense to me. Watch it and draw your own conclusions.

Sarah Butler as Jennifer Hills in the remake of the cult classic "I Spit on Your Grave"

Sarah Butler as Jennifer Hills in the remake of the cult classic “I Spit on Your Grave”

October 9

“I Spit on Your Grave” (2010)

Stars: Sarah Butler, Jeff Branson and Andrew Howard

Rated: R for graphic rape, harsh language, nudity and graphic violence (Also available in an unrated edition)

In this remakes of the 1978 cult classic Jennifer Hills is played in an exceptional performance by Sarah Butler. Jennifer is going to the country for a few weeks to work on her second novel. She gets lost on the way and stops at a gas station to fuel her car and ask for directions. While she is there she meets a group of local men. She gets directions and heads to the cabin. That night the men begin stalking her hiding out in the woods and making noises and calling to her. It escalates and eventually the group of men along with the town sheriff brutally rape her. They leave her for dead. What they did not expect is she would live. She allows herself time to heal and then sets out on a mission to make these men accountable in violent fashion for what they did to her.

Now we have your October spooky movie list started. Look up some of the films and enjoy. Some of these are pretty intense so choose wisely. You know what your limits are. We will pick up next week as we continue with 31 Movie Bad Girls for Halloween. Have a ladies scary movie night with some of your girlfriends. It is more fun to scream in a group than by yourself.






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