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2014 in Review Part 2

As the year is drawing to a close I have decided to look back over the ladies we have visited with the year. I always enjoy looking back . The ladies covered were a diverse group and the movies they are in are a lot of fun to watch. With this walk down memory lane we will have remembered what was and will now be prepared for 2015 and all the new bad girls to fill up these columns. This is Movie Bad Girl of the Week.


2014 was a big year and we visited many ladies from many different films. Here is a look back.

We took a look at Romy White in the wonderful comedy “Romy and Michele’s High School Reunion”. The story is about 2 best friends that were on the outside. They really didn’t notice this as teens because they always had a blast except for their dealings with Christy Masters and the “A” group (popular kids) in school. 10 years later they get an invitation to their reunion and doubt sets in. Romy talks to (her still best friend) Michele and convinces her that in the 10 years since graduation they haven’t done anything good enough to finally find acceptance from the “A” group. They concoct a crazy plan that unravels and discover that their lives are fine just the way they are.

You shouldn’t have to lie about who you are to impress someone. Does it really matter what the “Christy” in your life thinks? Is it going to affect your job? Family? Day to day life? Then the hell with her. The truth is a better option. Biggest lesson: Just be you. Don’t feel like you have to change to please someone else or find acceptance. If they don’t like you for who you are that is their problem. You are good enough just the way you are. Learn it, love it, live it.

We also visited with the character Christine Hargensen in “Carrie” For this particular column I selected the 2013 version of the film. This column was meant to bring up awareness about bullying whether you child is being bullied, or even worse, is the bully. This is a sensitive subject and one near and dear to me having been bullied in my childhood myself.

Portia Doubleday stars as bully Christine Hargensen and Alex Russell portrays her boyfriend Billy Nolan in the 2013 version of "Carrie"

Portia Doubleday stars as bully Christine Hargensen and Alex Russell portrays her boyfriend Billy Nolan in the 2013 version of “Carrie”

Chris is one of, if not the meanest girl ever captured on film. What makes her terrifying is she is only a teenager in high school and has an evil and black heart masked by beauty and personality.

She is pretty, smart and popular. She would however make fun of a fat girl eating a doughnut. She is spoiled and has a mean streak in her. She is a bully picking on those weaker than herself which shows a large amount of insecurity. The pleasure from tormenting others makes her feel better about herself. It also makes Carrie a perfect target. She has a mother with extreme religious beliefs, she is painfully shy and awkward and she wants nothing more than to be like the rest of the kids. Where Christine could have been a friend she instead opts to be a bully towards the hapless girl.

If your child comes home with constant complaints of being picked on you need to listen. My family thought I was just being too sensitive. I wasn’t. I had been bullied in private school and when we graduated 8th grade I made the switch to public school. I met my ultimate bully in 9th grade. I was living a day to day nightmare I couldn’t wake up from. I didn’t want to leave the house to go to school. I was afraid of what new terrors awaited me. I got bullied, my bully got the satisfaction of bullying me. My bully never got in trouble. My bully pulled his friends in on the act. One of his “pranks” caused a lot of post traumatic stress that took a lot of therapy to get past. I often wonder if anything in his home life made him that way. He was never made accountable. I never stood up for myself. No one ever stood up for me. If your child complains listen and take some action. Don’t let them feel alone. Go to the school. Make the bully accountable for his or her actions. If no one pushes back to stop it, it will go on and on. I wish I had the gumption at the time to stop it myself. I did not. I only went to school with him for one year. We went to different schools in the 10th grade. I heard he got expelled during his senior year for something he did. I would like to see him now to talk about it. Check your child’s social media like Facebook. Evidence of bullying can show up. Check their phone. As a parent you should be able to especially if you pay the bill. There is a difference between spying and being concerned with you child’s well being. You could also save them from a sexual predator which is one of the worst kinds of abusers out there. They prey on those that are weak or feel alone.

If your child is a bully you may not be aware of it. Again listen to your child. They may constantly bring up someone in a negative manner and may talk down about them all the time. This could be a sign. Check your kid’s Facebook and social media. They may be bad mouthing or be threatening towards someone constantly. This could be a sign. Do they get detention or suspension sometimes. Find out why. This could be a sign. They come home with a story about punishment and a teacher mistreating them? Find out the full story and not just their portion of it. It could be they are telling the complete truth and as such deserve you to help defend them, but if they are punished for behavior at a teacher or another student you need to step in. You should be able to check the contents of your child’s phone at any given time. Again it is a good guess you pay the bill. There shouldn’t be anything in that phone they cannot show you whether it be video, text or photos. If they do bully there is probably evidence on the phone.

This year we also said goodbye to a comedy legend. Joan Rivers passed away on September 4, 2014 at the age of  81. Thank you for all the laughs Joan. You will be missed.

Katie Featherston stars as herself in "Paranormal Activity"

Katie Featherston stars as herself in “Paranormal Activity”

During the Halloween season I shared 31 of my favorite ladies of horror (and each and every one is a bad girl in her own right) These ladies included:

Sissy Spacek as Carrie White in “Carrie” (1976)

Sarah Butler as Jennifer Hills in the 2010 remake of “I Spit on Your Grave”

Katie Featherston as herself in “Paranormal Activity” (2007)

Heather Donahue as herself in “The Blair Witch Project” (1999)

Child actor Carrie Lorraine as heroine Judy Bower in “Dolls” (1987)

The ladies of “The Fog” (1980) Adrienne Barbeau as Stevie Wayne, Jamie Lee Curtis as Elizabeth Solley, Janet Leigh as Kathy Williams and Nancy Keyes (billed as Nancy Loomis) as Sandy Fadel.

Julie Harris as Eleanor Lance and Claire Bloom as Theodora in “The Haunting” (1963)

Better Midler, Sarah Jessica Parker and Kathy Najimy as the Sanderson sisters in the Disney classic “Hocus Pocus”.

We took a look back on the original version of “Carrie” (1976) which turned 38 this year and is still just as fresh and enjoyable as it was when originally released. I cannot believe it has really been that long. Some movies and characters are timeless.

I did a review of Halle Berry’s performance as 911 operator Jordan Turner in the edge of your seat thriller “The Call”  (2013). I sat down to watch this movie with no expectations and was knocked back several steps. The story is taut, full of tension and excitement. The movie could have come off as average but the actors took the movie up several notches making their characters dynamic, intriguing and believable. Berry gives a powerhouse performance and is a great lead in this film. Abigail Breslin knocks it out of the park as well as the possibly doomed young lady. The editing is fast paced and the story bounces back and forth between the two main ladies so what you are watching doesn’t get a chance to become routine or stale. This is escapist entertainment and is just plain fun.

Finally, and not least I have finished out the year re-visiting one of my most beloved characters in cinema: Kathy Bates as Dolores Claiborne. It is a deep and movie story about relationships and murder.

The core of the story is the strained relationship between Dolores and (her daughter) Selena. It is obvious that Selena is not happy to be home and is not happy to see her mother. Their conversations are awkward and unpleasant. There is no question that Dolores loves her daughter very much. The feelings of her daughter seem to be quite the opposite. Together the ladies go on a journey dealing with the problem at hand and reliving painful memories from the past which will change their relationship forever.

This is a beautifully dramatic film that will delight you to no end with great and memorable performances all the way around.

Next week I will give you a peek at some of the ladies that will grace this column in 2015. Have a safe holiday season and I look forward to seeing you next week.


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