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You’d Better Not Pout

In our lives there are holiday seasons that are harder to get through than others. The recent loss of a loved one, illness in the family, a child who makes choices that take them away from the family in either a spiritual or physical sense. These are the kinds of things that make this time of year particularly difficult. For those of you that are experiencing one of those season of your life I can offer from my own experience that sometimes the best you can do is to just get through it. So it’s not going to be the best Christmas ever, not even close. Just get through it.

To the rest of you, the Christmas season in our country of abundance can bring on a mixture of emotions, pressures, and even depression. I have a Christmas decoration that I leave out all year long. It’s a door hanger, and it hangs on my bedroom door. It says, “You’d Better Not Pout”. It is a daily reminder for me, and believe me, I need daily reminders to look around and be grateful for what I have accomplished in my life on all planes: physical, spiritual and emotional. I don’t know about you, but I can’t afford to dwell in the negative. At this time of year it is normal to reflect, to remember the years gone by, there may be the sting of sadness mixed in with all the positive emotions that abound. I have a tendency to grab on to the sting and allow it to take me away from all the positive into the darkness. It’s a battle, and for me it happens every year to greater and lesser degrees.


Letting go of the sting, is essential not only at Christmas time, but every day of our lives. Letting go requires focus and concentration on the most basic things in life: food, shelter, water, air, and love. By the grace of God, I have more than enough to eat, I have a little house, which is perfect for me, and I have fresh clean water, to drink and to swim in. I have fresh air, scented with the smell of the Gulf of Mexico and fresh pine. I am surrounded by love. Damn right, I’d better not pout!!! For so many in our world even the basic things in life are a struggle, not because they are lazy, or weak, but just because of the roulette wheel that gives us the circumstances of our birth.

After working on letting go of the sting, there has to be action. There is so much that can be done for others. If you can afford it, contribute to a charity, which provides assistance to the poor.  If not, volunteer. Give of yourself. It’s amazing what even an hour will do for others, but also for your outlook on life, at any time of the year. Find a way, I know you can do it.

Above all keep this thought with you always, “You’d Better Not Pout”.

Thanks for stopping by to read my post; I hope to see ya’s next week, for Life with Mo.


  1. Wonderful article, as always, Mo!

  2. Jennette Cronk /

    I love this, Mo. “I have a tendency to grab on to the sting and allow it to take me away from all the positive into the darkness,” describes my compulsion to a tee.

  3. Thanks for your comments!! Love knowing that someone else is reading my stuff, and gets what I’m saying!!! Keep em coming!

  4. Thank you for this. A dear friend is fighting a terrible disease at this very moment and I have had a few moments where I wanted to just forgo any holiday celebration. His humor is still with him and he would never want me to feel sorry for him or to change our plans based on him alone. But I’m looking forward to getting past all this and getting that fresh start feeling after the New Year. Love you Mo.

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