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What to do about Mr. Putin

Having a connection to politics, and the current events of our community, often contributes to a sense of “larger purpose.” If our work doesn’t provide us with meaning and fulfillment, we can engage ourselves in the world around us.  Mo Mo Politics  is a weekly op-ed article designed to get  you thinking.  Mo’s always open for thoughtful discussion too! Get connected.

Most of us are aware of the role the Russian leadership has played in the shame known as Edward Snowden. By first agreeing to work out a diplomatic solution, and then bestowing diplomatic immunity to Snowden, for me, they have proven themselves to be opposed to our rule of law.

Now we turn to their laws. Russia’s lower house of parliament passed a law against the “propaganda of nontraditional sexual relations” (i.e. propaganda from “the gays”). The vote was of 436 in favor, 0 against.

This is so painfully offensive, it sickens me, especially in light of the recent changes in our laws that provide for, life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness for all of our citizens.

Now we turn to the 2014 Olympic games to be held in Sochi which is a small town in, wait for it, wait for it……. Krasnodar Krai, RUSSIA!!!!

Once again the specter of a boycott of the Olympic games has raised its head. I understand the feelings of those of you who support such a ban. However, I am opposed to a boycott.

I watched an interview given by the Greg Louganis, U.S. Olympic Gold Medal Diver.
He suggested that we go to the games, with uniforms or bathing suits that display the rainbow symbol of the LBGT movement in the United States. Now that’s an idea I can wrap my head around, I’m for it.

Tell me what you think. Thanks for stopping by to read my post, see yas’ next week, for Mo Mo Politics.

Mo Breden

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  1. I do know that we won’t be wearing bathing suits in the 2014 Winter Olympics. I was relaying the info in the interview with Greg. Pool people think in terms of bathing suits. This I understand because it is “the uniform”. Thanks for reading.

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