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Walk for a Breakthrough: Lifesaving 5K

By Mo Breden

This Saturday, March 29, we will be in Al Lopez Park in Tampa, at 7:00 am, for the American Brain Tumor Association Breakthrough for Brain Tumors 5K Run/Walk.

erin btk

Last year was the first American Brain Tumor Association walk sponsored in the Tampa Bay Area. Last year, Erin had no symptoms of any additional growth in tumor or additional tumors. We walked to raise money for research to help cure brain tumors. We walked for everyone. The only way to beat something is to fight, and raising money for research is a huge part of that fight.

Each individual, each family faces the diagnosis of a brain tumor differently. From the very first whisper of the word tumor, we were devastated, but I became determined to educate myself, to the maximum extent possible on the optic nerve meningioma that was growing along the optic nerve of my then 13 year old daughter. The American Brain Tumor Association was in it’s infancy at that time, but I found them, I called them, I talked to a real live person and they sent me information on different types of tumors, and I took it from there. But, the American Brain Tumor Association was there for me. I was able to do battle for my young daughter because of their help. Today, they do so much more because of donations like yours. ABTA funds vital brain tumor research while providing patients, family members and caregivers with comfort, guidance and answers.

Today, twenty years later, my little girl is a woman, but she is once again, in the second fight of her life against this insidious disease. The first tumor took the vision in her right eye, but following radiation has remained dormant for twelve years. Her second and third tumors, removed surgically, took the sense of smell in her right nostril. Today her fourth tumor is threatening her only seeing eye and she is fighting with all of her strength and the help of radiation therapy to defeat this fourth tumor. She has been working since last year’s walk, to make this year’s walk better and more successful than last year’s. She can’t walk this year, as radiation has sapped her strength but she will be there at 7 am, helping in any way she can.

If you have not registered on line, you can still walk, just show up at the registration table. You can still make a donation to ABTA, at, ANYTIME.

We need you to become an advocate. We need you to walk, and we need your donations.

Come out and walk with Erin’s Entourage, and all of the other teams/families facing a brain tumor or honoring a loved one whose battle is over.

What happens to one of us happens to all of us, and we all must fight in order to win this battle. Come and walk with us, please.

Thanks for stopping by to read my post; I hope to see yas next week, for Life with Mo, as it is. But I really hope to see you at Al Lopez Park by 8:00 am on Saturday morning.

The Work Life Balance Protection Agency will be there, along other sponsors, with lots of fun activities for the kids!  Bring them along.

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