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Turning the Negatives into Positives

By Mo Breden

If you read my last post, I was deep into plumbing problems, so deep, in fact, that I didn’t write a post last week.

Today, my house is nearly back to normal. As it turned out the plumbers who re-piped my house were two who had been here many times before on minor problems, and their attitudes during the two-day extravaganza made it bearable for me. Besides the large hole that was jackhammered open in the floor of one closet, I wound up with 17, various sized holes cut into the drywall, in multiple locations in my little house and garage, and two pipes were exposed running from the ceiling into a half wall in the main hallway/kitchen area (pictured below).

So, how do you turn this into a positive? Well, for me it started by asking for help. I have such a hard time asking anyone to do anything for me, or to help me do anything. It just goes against my thick Irish skull to ask for help. My dear friend Linda, luckily for me, cares about me, and she married a skilled carpenter, who luckily for me also cares about me. They both were here evaluating the situation, and Ted, jumped into action. Over the course of two weeks, he filled the jackhammered hole, built a box around the exposed pipes and closed up and repaired all but two of the holes that will be finished with access panels when they arrive. I visited Home Depot and Ace Hardware, more times then I ever cared to, I learned how to apply dry wall tape and proceeded to tape each hole after Ted replaced the dry wall. I learned to sand, under the critical eye of General Ted, and lastly I painted the repaired areas requiring paint, oh, and polished tiles after they’d been placed by Linda and grouted by Ted. Ted charged me a fraction of what I would have paid to have this work done for me. These are the things caring friends do for you, and I count myself grateful to have such friends in my life. This is a huge positive.

The plumbing company who did the work, agreed to accept installment payments for the job. I did some of the work that I never thought I could do. These are huge positives, as it has encouraged me to think of myself as being more capable than I had previously thought. I cleaned out my closets; dresser draws, and beneath all three sinks. I gave away several bags of clothes and household items. This is a good thing. These are huge positives.

On my agenda is pulling up carpeting in one closet and applying sticky tiles and then lastly, cleaning out the garage. These are huge positives.

At some point in my life, I read a story about military men going to a home to notify a wife of the death of her husband. They were taken aback when, upon hearing the news, she did not change expression and invited them in for tea, asking them about themselves and their families. One of the men asked her why her behavior was not more appropriate to the type of news they had delivered to her. She told them that she was raised to behave the same no matter what the circumstance and regardless of her inner pain and sorrow, or joy and elation. I relate this story, because this is a goal for me. To master my own feelings is a triumph and I strive for this everyday.

I could have behaved much better than I did when this crisis arose and much as I hate to say it, it was a good thing for me. I got more out of it then I lost, and as regards the over all cost, as my Dad always said,  “it’s only money.” And as my daughter and I always say, “it’s NOT a brain tumor”. But that is another story entirely.






Thanks for stopping by to read my post; I hope to see ya’s next week, for Life with Mo.

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  1. Wow Mo! I would’ve never imagined. Glad its all done with…

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