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Having a connection to politics and the current events of our community, often contributes to a sense of “larger purpose.” If our work doesn’t provide us with meaning and fulfillment, we can engage ourselves in the world around us.  Mo Mo Politics  is a weekly op-ed article designed to get  you thinking.  Mo’s always open for thoughtful discussion too! Get connected.

Now that it has been indisputable proven that the Al-Assad regime has used chemical weapons on it’s own people, what is to be done about it?

I have had very conflicted feelings on the subject. On one hand I’m tired of the United States always having to be the enforcer in the world, but on the other hand, the Syrian children. The innocents.

We have never been a people, a nation to shy away from offering aid and protection to those in need. We are a mighty power, but we are, more importantly, a compassionate caring people.

We need to join in with the world community that has also expressed outrage at the use of chemical weapons in Syria, against civilians. We are not the only people sickened by the actions of Al-Assad. We do have to take the lead, because we are leaders, but we do not have to act alone, and should not act alone.

Those are my thoughts on Syria, what are your thoughts?

I Have A Dream

I cannot let this posting be published without a word about the 50th Anniversary of the Martin Luther King, I Have A Dream speech and the march on Washington. I remember those times. I remember seeing news footage of police using fire hoses on protesters in the south, and my mother’s outrage and desire to go to the south to support the marchers. She never went, my father prevailed, but her heart was with them, and I learned a valuable lesson from her. As I said earlier today, we were so fortunate to have such an intelligent, peaceful man, take center stage in our nation when we needed him the most.

Thanks for stopping by to read my post, see yas’ next week, for Mo Mo Politics.

Mo Breden


  1. Elaine /

    Friend, I have been thinking of your post and at this point I can’t agree. I do agree it is a noble cause but I’m conflicted on many levels. First, I would like to see more proof of who is responsible, second, what about a plan of action, and third, what other countries are joining in? Britain said no and Syria’s allies including Russia aren’t helping. I feel there is something much bigger going on here and more Americans will lose sons, husbands, dads, and moms. More young people will lose limbs and be traumatized for their life, inevitably inflicting pain on their families and our society. How many more wars do we have to fight to realize that they don’t work? There is a natural balance to life and we are not in control of it. If we are to be the protectors of the world (another discussion) how do we protect people who inevitably turn around to hate us and send mindless people to blow themselves up in our midst?
    I don’t mean to ramble but one more thought. If we are leaders out to save the children and helpless of the world, why aren’t we pouring the billions it will cost for this war into other existing and ongoing parts of the world where children die everyday from starvation and neglect. And how can we say we are leaders when we have so many problems in this country. The billions for this war would be great for the infrastructure of our roads and waterways or for fighting forest fires. And where is the money coming from anyway?
    Something is not right here and it scares me. Most importantly I am patriotic but I feel my patriotism changing in subtle ways and I’m not sure why…..just yet. I love my country but if I truly have a vote than I want some answers and I want to be in on the decision. Love really is the answer, not war.

    • My dear friend. Love your opinion. I wrote this before the Brits bailed. I also stated that we should do something but not alone, it should be a joint venture with our allies, but so far no one else is doing anything. And I never said we should go to a full scale war as we did under both Bush presidencies. I feel like something should be done and we have the power to do it. You could be right, there could be more to this, I don’t know about that. I know what I’ve seen and it horrifies me. My continued hope for humanity is that if what has happened in Syria to innocent children were to happen to us, someone in the world with the power to do so would stand up for us. Please continue to share your opinions on my posts. I love reasoned discussion and disagreement and I love you.

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