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My Ode to Chocolate

By Mo Breden


Every now and again I crave a particular kind of chocolate.  You may know them as Sno-Caps to me they are mini Nonpareils.  My dad used to love Nonpareils, they were usually sold loose when I was a kid and in penny candy stores when he grew up.  The ones I settled for, this time were Sno-Caps, in the theater box for 88 cents, such a deal.  The box advertises that they contain 25% less fat than the leading chocolate brands?  Chocolate brands of what?

I eat this candy, straight from the box, and by this I mean, I tilt my head back and pour them into my mouth! Yes, I do.  I enjoyed every swig from the box, each time remembering my dad enjoying the big round ones that he used to eat; these are, as I said, a mini version of the originals.

When I was finished I looked at the empty box, avoiding the nutritional panel at all cost and noticed a cute little “Good to Know” section on the box.  This is what it said, “Balance is the key to healthy eating.  Chocolate confections in moderation can be part of a healthy diet.”  This just tickled me to death, after having eaten the entire box all by my lonesome.   For me, this is nearly impossible, chocolate and moderation do not even exist in the same universe for me, which of course makes me think of Milky Ways!!!  Yum.

If you eat chocolate in moderation, I commend you.   I have seen and read just about all there is out there that talks about chocolate and how it can be good for your heart, in moderation, good for your love life, in moderation, and I have always rolled my eyes to the back of my head when hearing these statement.  I’m a do or die, all or nothing at all chocolate freak.  I can go for months and not touch the stuff, but this is usually because I know once I touch the stuff its no longer nothing at all, IT IS ALL, as in ALL THE CHOCOLATE I can get my hands on.  It’s a real character flaw, but I have accepted it as that and do the best I can most of the time.

I have often joked with my friends that I would eat anything covered in chocolate, but please, don’t test me, because I really don’t want to, but probably would.

My journey into the Nonpareils box takes me to memories of my father, being a kid, and the sweet taste and crunchiness that you only get from these sweet little delicacies.  So I will bike a little harder and swim a little bit faster, but I will never do chocolate in moderation, I just won’t!

Thanks for stopping by to read my post; I hope to see yas next time, for Life with Mo.


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  1. Michelle /

    I love nonpareils!!! — I guess I got that from you.

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