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Mo Mo Politics: Snowflakes and Guns in America


By Mo Breden

Well, I had an idea all lined up for today’s posting, was gathering my facts and thinking about what I wanted to say, and then, I got an over-sized postcard in my mailbox, which spun me around and so I will share my feelings with you guys.

Do you all remember what happened on December 14, 2012?  We were all glued to coverage of the Sandy Hook Elementary School shootings.

I was horrified, shocked and my heart was broken.  I was also very angry.  My beloved daughter is a first grade teacher, who, without a doubt would stand in front of her children to protect them from anyone or anything meant to do them harm.  Those teachers and those children were our teachers and our children.  Yours and mine.  How could we let this happen, again and again?

I’m embarrassed and ashamed that our politicians were unable to pass, even the most basic of background checks to help prevent future gun violence.  I’m sick to death of the political posturing and self-preservation based decisions that our elected leaders in Congress continue to make, in spite of the FACT that the majority of American’s support background checks.

As the days and weeks passed following December 14, 2012 the educators began to discuss returning to the classroom.  The Sandy Hook PTA set out to make the return to school, for the survivors, a winter wonderland by asking people around the country to mail hand made snowflakes to them, to be displayed all over the new school.   I made one solitary snowflake; it was special because as were those beautiful children and educators, each one is unique unto itself.

On Monday, I got an over-sized postcard from the Sandy Hook Elementary School PTA thanking me for my solitary snowflake.  They thanked me for contributing to their blizzard of love.  My heart is broken all over again.

We, as a people, must continue our fight for common sense gun laws.  We must.

There are a number of organizations that you can investigate, join, and hopefully work for the safety of all of us.  A few, for you:

School starts again in a few weeks.  The very least we can do, is educate ourselves to the facts and let our conscience guide us from that point.


Thanks for stopping by to read my post, see ya’s next week, for Mo Mo Politics.

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