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Mo Mo Politics: A few words on Edward Snowden

It’s Thrifty Thursday, and the WLBPA would like to introduce a new column Mo Mo Politics.  In today’s article, Mo tells us a little about how the government spends its money.   Having a connection to politics, and the community at large, often contributes to a sense of “larger purpose.” The WLBPA wants you to feel connected too!


By Mo B.
You should know that Congress takes money, which is allotted to run the federal government, and channels it into accounts which can only be used by federal agencies; if they hire contract employees to do the work usually done by federal employees.  By doing this Congress can say that they are shrinking the federal government.  The agencies are made smaller because they don’t have the money to hire full time federal employees, so they are forced to fill vacancies from the accounts earmarked to hire contract employees ONLY.  Because there is always an abundance of money in these accounts, often the government is paying more for a contract employee to do the job then they would if they hired a full time federal employee.  But that’s a subject for another post.

7e09e1da-faf8-4418-a807-80883d7d55ee-460x276When I was required in my career to give security clearances to contract employees, I always resisted and protested.  There was no comfort in giving someone unknown (a contract employee) to the federal system access to data within that system.  Federal employees are vested in their jobs, they have become known to managers and co-workers, they devote their careers to federal service and have an abiding commitment to preserving their own dignity in relation to the Federal Government.  Ultimately, I was required to give the security clearances because, as I said above, Congress channeled money in order to downsize government to be used ONLY for contract services, while whittling away committed, trusted, loyal government employees. Snowden, a contracted employee was required to sign a non-disclosure agreement and to swear to protect the integrity of the United States, he broke that agreement. The man is a traitor, to himself, to his family, to all of us, and to the government of the United States of America.

I am Mo, a retired federal employee.  I served in the federal government for over thirty years.  Serving in Washington DC, for the Treasury Department, the United States Air Force in Europe at Ramstein Air Base, Ramstein, Germany, the Army in Fort Monmouth, NJ, the Navy at Newport Naval Base, Newport, Rhode Island, the Air Force again, at MacDill Air Force Base, Tampa, Florida and ending up my career working for the Department of Veterans Affairs in Tampa, Florida and New Port Richey, Florida.  I did this while raising two children and caring for my parents as they aged.  I know a little about work life balance.  I hope to share my knowledge of politics and the federal government with you on a weekly basis.  On occasion, the posts will be non-political in nature depending on my thoughts about the week in the life of our beloved nation.


P.S. from WLBPA:   Mo is awesome.  She is my second Mom, and the fieriest example of how a woman can take care of her children, pay bills, save for retirement, invest, be politically active, and retain your original NY accent.  She has been my main role model in these areas, so if you didn’t have one–you can borrow her!  You’re welcome.


  1. Thank you, Madame Editor for your kind words.

  2. So well stated and so true and frustrating.

  3. Annonymous commentor /

    I disagree with your article. There is a huge difference between a contract violation and being a traitor. While it may have been wrong to reveal the PRISM program to the public, it isn’t an act of treason. Revealing PRISM isn’t overthrowing the government, declaring war, or seriously injuring the country beyond America’s pride.

    For anyone interested in seeing what information the NSA has on you just file a Freedom Of Information Act request via this link:

    It could be worse, what if Eschelon were true.

  4. You are welcomed to disagree, I stand by my opinion. His actions have already damaged the United States in that enemies of this country have already changed the way they communicate with one another. Contract violation??? Nobody knocked on his door and asked him if he wanted to work for them, he went to them asking to work for them. Then he disgraced himself by violating his non-disclosure agreement. He’s a traitor… :-)

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