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Look to This Day and Continue On

By Mo Breden

I came across the following prayer from the Sanskrit many years ago. I read it at my dear friend, Elaine’s, wedding ceremony because I loved it and her so much. I think of it often and use in my prayers.

In my life, recently, I have been going through some tough times. My heart is often filled with sorrow, and I have determined that I must continue on, regardless of these circumstances.

Continue on with my plans for each day.

Continue on with a positive attitude. and

Continue to make myself available to others in service as much as I am able.

There is much to do in this life and none of us know how much time we will have. Curling up in a ball and spending the day in bed is not an option. Crying and worrying is not an option, although I will admit to a tear or two.

These are not options because they accomplish nothing toward my personal happiness.

I hope you find the inspiration that I have found in the following words. I wish you a day of love and beauty.


Look to this day for it is life, the very life of life.
In it’s brief course lies all.
The realities and verities of existence.
The joy of growth
The splendor of action
The glory of Power.

For yesterday is but a dream
And tomorrow is only a vision.
But today, well lived makes every yesterday
A dream of happiness
And every tomorrow a vision of hope.

Look well therefore, to this day.

~Sanskrit Proverb


Thanks for stopping by to read my post. I hope to see ya’s next week for Life with Mo.

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