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Life is Not Fair

By Mo Breden

Life is Not Fair; it is a refrain I heard all through my childhood. My parent’s knew it, and wanted to make sure we knew it too. I am not of a generation that was coddled by overprotective parents. I can remember leaving the house on a summer morning with a bunch of kids from Birch Terrace, where I grew up, and heading into the woods, to explore the old “forts”, pick blueberries, and lay in the grass. We wouldn’t return home until late in the afternoon. We lived a carefree life, but we were responsible for ourselves at a very early age. If on one of those carefree days we were caught sneaking through someone’s yard to get to the woods, we faced the consequences, our parents did not make excuses for us or tell us that the lady that lives there is an old crank. We were told to take the long way around, like we were supposed to, I can honestly say that I can never remember my parents excusing my bad behavior, ever.

There are now several generations of people that believe life is not fair, but that they are excused from being one of those that it is unfair to. We can thank their parent’s for that mostly.

The blog today, is a bit of a rant. Last night I met a group of young women from the university that were clearly untouched by the unfairness of life, it was so apparent, that I could barely contain myself. My daughter, undergoing radiation therapy, chastised me several times during the time we were with them, so this blog is allowing me the freedom to vent…. but I’m done.

Last night, I also spent time with people battling varying types and degrees of cancer and their caregivers here at the Hope Lodge. You can always tell who is the caregiver, because they are chattering away to a mostly silent partner, they hoover,
they pamper and they worry about that mostly silent partner. In our case, mommy taking care of baby girl (baby girl is 33), mommy has a particularly hard time keeping her mouth shut and drives baby girl to the brink of insanity. I know when I’m doing it, and I can’t seem to stop, and I do it almost constantly. I want so much to help, to make this better, when we both know I can’t. That doesn’t stop me from trying though. Erin’s patience with me is much more than I would have with my own mother, I know this for certain. So, Erin, my sweet girl….forgive me. I think you know this, but it comes from a place of unconditional love and I will try my very best from this point forward to do better.

You have grown to be a wonderful woman; I really do stand back in awe of your accomplishments and the standards by which you live your life. I take no credit for who you are, that shining light that I saw the first time I saw your face, that spirit within you, which you were born with, deserves all the credit.

Life has not been fair, but we are strong, you have an amazing spirit, that cancer cannot touch and we will deal with the consequences of this life, whatever that may mean in the best way we can. The spirit will conquer, because that spirit is of God.


Thanks for stopping by to read my post; I hope to see yas next week, for Life with Mo, as it is.

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