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Is The Zimmerman / Martin Trial Political?

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Is the Zimmerman/Martin trial political? It will be, if the outcome allows George Zimmerman to walk with no repercussions for his actions.

Living in Florida, our local twenty-four hour cable news channel has been televising the entire trial from day one, live. The facts of the case, as presented by both prosecution and defense are quite different from those presented in the media circus leading up to the trial.

Watching the trial, as I have mostly been doing, my opinion is that based on the law, and the facts presented to them, this jury is going to have a tough time convicting him of second degree murder, unless they, like many of us have already convicted George Zimmerman.

I was heartsick when I heard of Trayvon Martin’s death. So young, so full of life, so innocent. The images of his parent’s in the media, brought tears to my eyes. It was true; Trayvon could have been the young son of any one of us. I honestly don’t know, after watching the facts presented in court how innocent Trayvon was, but the child did not deserve to die over an altercation with an adult.

George Zimmerman is guilty of something, what exactly that is, I’m not sure. Carrying a gun on a neighborhood watch? Following Trayvon, if he indeed did do that, the facts are in question. Engaging Trayvon, if he indeed did do that, the facts again are in question. The only two people who know what happened that night are George and Trayvon and Trayvon is dead and in my opinion the witnesses and the facts presented by the prosecution have done Trayvon no justice.

Some of the buffoonery employed by the defense has been horrendous. What attorney in their right mind begins his opening statement with a knock knock joke? A young man is dead, you idiot.

My bottom line, we give it to the jury, as we always have and hope they have the wisdom to do the right thing regardless of the repercussions. There are no winners here. Trayvon is dead and silent and George’s life is forever changed and not for the better, he’s been defamed, called “soft” in open court, designated a .5 on a scale of 1 to 10 by his trainer at the gym, and more importantly been made a symbol of racism in America. We cannot seek justice for racism in America by a wrongful conviction.

I welcome your opinions; please stick to the facts as they have been presented IN COURT. I love the facts, as I love the truth, and I am saddened that we may never know the full truth in this case.

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