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I’m Messing With Texas

Mo Mo Politics:  Having a connection to politics, and the community at large, often contributes to a sense of “larger purpose.” If our work doesn’t provide us with meaning and purpose, we can engage ourselves in the world around us.


The Texas state senate has been debating abortion. They have also been passing controversial restrictions on abortion in that state. They have imposed new regulations for abortion clinics which will limit the number of clinics able to provide an abortion to five (yes five) clinics,  in the second largest state in the nation. Texas is comprised of 268,580 square miles of land and a has a population of approximately 26.5 million–13,398,590 of that being female.

The Texas state senate is made up of 31 representatives, 6 of whom are female. As women we need to agree on one thing, at least, no matter where we stand on abortion. We don’t want a majority of old male gasbags deciding these issues for us, right? Come on ladies; let’s agree on that at least!!!

Then bizarre news came in from Texas this week that security, at the state capitol, was confiscating tampons and maxi pads, in an attempt to prevent disruptions from the gallery. The concern was that these items could be used as projectiles and thrown at the state senators. Come on, if it wasn’t so pathetic it would be hysterical! I’m actually giggling now just thinking about it. The cherry on top of this hysterical cake is that visitors can still bring guns into the gallery if they have a concealed weapons permit. Oh, yes, I’m messing with Texas; these people are out of their minds.

Follow up from last week: THE VERDICT – I am amazed at the misinformation being spewed as fact by too many talking heads to name, in order to justify racism as the reason for the verdict. Most reasonable people agree that George Zimmerman is guilty of something, but nobody knows exactly what. The jurors followed the law and did the only thing the law allowed them to do, acquit him. This does not mean that he’s innocent, and most reasonable people need to agree on this fact. George Zimmerman is not guilty, but he’s also NOT INNOCENT in the death of Trayvon Martin.

Thanks for reading and for your comments, see yas’ next week for more Mo Mo Politics.

Mo B.

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