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How Do You Define Politics?

Mo Mo Politics:  Having a connection to politics, and the community at large, often contributes to a sense of “larger purpose.” If our work doesn’t provide us with meaning and purpose, we can engage ourselves in the world around us.


During my most recent medical check-up, my doc, who apparently worries that in retirement I will atrophy on all levels and shrivel up and die, asked me as he always does, “What are you doing with yourself now that you’re retired?”.  I rattled off my list of activities, which I think is decent, and added that I was writing this article about politics.  He scowled and said “Politics!!!”  Then he says, “You know that in Latin ‘poli’ means many, and tics of course, are bloodsuckers.  That makes the definition of politics, MANY BLOODSUCKERS.”  Then he laughed hysterically, as he always does, at his own jokes.  I kinda love the guy though.

When he finally straightened up and stopped laughing I shared with him, my definition of politics.



You need to give it some thought.  But if you look at it in this light, it’s clearly a necessary evil.  It is after all, better than warlords, militias, or individuals committing acts of violence to achieve their goals.  It explains why politics is such a vicious, dirty, and sneaky occupation.  The alternative would be violence.    By the way, credit for my definition goes to Dick Gephardt, during a speech he made at the 2004 Missouri Democratic Convention.  Credit where credit is due.  Think about it!




Follow up to last article:  Edward Snowden is a huge topic of conversation around the world and at home.  I’ve had many conversations with friends and family who read my article.  I stick by my opinion but welcome reasonable, sane counter views.

Interestingly, the contract company (USIS), which was paid to do a background investigation on Snowden, is under investigation for faking background checks.   USIS charges the federal government (that’s you and me folks), $4,000 for each background check they claim to do.   Yes, indeedy.

See ya’s next week for Mo Mo Politics.

Mo B.

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