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Female for President: I’m ready, are you?

Having a connection to politics, and the current events of our community, often contributes to a sense of “larger purpose.” If our work doesn’t provide us with meaning and fulfillment, we can engage ourselves in the world around us.  Mo Mo Politics  is a weekly op-ed article designed to get  you thinking.  Mo’s always open for thoughtful discussion too! Get connected.

By Mo Breden

Men have been in power in this country since it’s inception. For as long as I can remember precious little gets done by the men in power, and this is particularly evident in the last few years. Do you Agree?

I cannot think of a more qualified candidate for President than Hillary Clinton.
Can you?


She has been dammed if she did and dammed if she didn’t and yet through some of the worst possible times any person could imagine, she held her head up high and carried on. She did not leave her wandering husband, she was damned for that.  She wanted national healthcare, she was damned for that. She worked long and hard as Secretary of State and she was damned for that.

She is a sharp, intelligent, experienced woman and it is time this country handed the reigns over to a capable woman. It is time.

If she decides to run again for the Presidential nomination, I will be in full support of her nomination. I’m ready, are you?

Come on, share your opinion, make a comment, I know you want to!

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