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Diana Nyad, Syria, September 11

As this column transitions from Mo Mo Politics to Life with Mo, a few follow up words on previous articles.


Diana Nyad – Since my original posting on her amazing swim, she has come under great scrutiny and skepticism created by individuals in the endurance swimming community.  Yesterday she spent three hours on a conference call with swimming officials and long distance swimmers, answering questions.  They say she cheated, she hung onto the boat, no one–especially and old broad–could have swum that fast.  An independent oceanographer verified that she hit the jackpot of ocean currents during her swim and those who accompanied her have confirmed that she did not cheat.  Folks, she had a crew of thirty-five people accompanying her during the entire swim.  As you all know it’s hard enough to have one person keep a secret, let alone thirty-five.  It is so sad that some people motivated by jealousy and mistrust have questioned her integrity.   You all know the kind of people.  We all have them in our lives.  As my lane mate Ro, always says, these are the people that don’t say hello to you, the first thing out of their mouths is, “You still swimming?”  They are just dying to know that you quit, that you couldn’t possibly still be doing it.  Or those that ask, “You still dieting?”  Kiss my big fat white ass, already.  And that’s my last word on that subject, and aren’t you glad!

Syria – It turns out, I was one of the few American’s who supported LIMITED MILITARY ACTION (SURGICAL STRIKES).  Not unlike those that RONALD REGAN launched against Kaddafi and didn’t tell the American People until the mission was complete.  I’m still for the surgical strikes.  I only hope, that if, by accident of birth, you or I had been born in Syria; someone in the world would stand up for us.  And that’s the last word on that subject, I hope.


As I am writing this article the date is September 11, 2013.  The twelfth anniversary of the attacks on our nation and my beloved city of birth, New York.   Take the time to pause and remember, teach your children and grandchildren, they need to know, they need to continue the remembrance for the rest of time.   God Bless America.


Thanks for stopping by to read my post, see ya’s next week, for Life with Mo.


Mo Breden


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