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Looking Back to Learn and Move Forward

By Mo Breden

One week into the New Year 2015 and I find myself continuing to assess my choices and options for this New Year.

2014 had some heartbreaking moments for me personally, but it also had some joyous and celebratory moments. I worked hard for the celebratory moments and the heartbreakers crashed into me like a tsunami.

I’m not a believer in New Year’s resolutions. You are either going to change and develop better habits or you are not, and the beginning of a New Year isn’t going to make any difference in your chances of success. Life is like the ocean that I love so much. There are tides, and currents and sometimes things flow smoothly and with great ease. Other times, huge waves push and pull you away from your goal and you have to fight hard just to stay in place and not get lost. So very much like life, isn’t it?

As each year passes, I realize, I really have learned a lot during my time in the ocean, and each swim teaches me more lessons to help me find my way, just like my life.
I love to swim…love is an essential key. I believe the sea loves me too. So when I dive into the water, I feel that I am being welcomed home, again and again. In my life I’ve learned that loving my family and friends is key to my life. I am so grateful for the love I’ve been able to give and the love and acceptance I’ve received.

Some days I swim, some days I stay onshore so that others may swim. Giving, so that others may know the same joy I have known is another life lesson, learned in the ocean. Giving of myself for others comfort or joy is key to my life. It really is true that it is better to give than to receive; it’s something to think about and remember in this New Year.

I work hard when I swim, but I also have fun. Some days it’s more of a struggle then others, but then there are the days when a pelican flies right over my head, as the sun rises over the beach or I accidentally touch a manatee that is swimming directly below me. Working hard is good for me, but having fun is too.

So, consider your goals for this year, and dive right in. Allow yourself to love and be loved. Give of your time and your self, simply for someone else’s joy or comfort. Work hard at your goals, but have fun this year. Happy New Year!

Thanks for stopping by to read my post; I hope to see yas next time, for Life with Mo.


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