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On Balance

By Mo Breden


The last few months have brought me a series of plumbing horrors, followed by financial concerns, followed by a credit card being compromised (which required hours of intervention with the credit card company), and several general “bad things”.

During a conversation with my brother, he said, “You have really had a bad time of it lately”, or something to that effect. I started to think about it, and began my usual, ‘Woe is me, ‘I’m living under a dark cloud’, ‘I must have been a very bad person in another life’ dialogue with myself.

I’m a fan of the BBC television show, Downton Abbey. There is a character on the show, Lady Grantham portrayed by Maggie Smith. Lady Grantham is the matriarch of the Grantham dynasty and often says things that shock and disturb the people around her, and make me laugh out loud. Last week Lady Grantham was having a conversation with her niece when she stated, very matter of fact, “All life is a series of problems that we solve, again and again, until we die.” And on that happy note, she suggests getting some ice cream. And yes, I did laugh out loud.

If we don’t laugh, we are surely doomed. Also, balance has to be part of a happy life. I strive for a happy life. It took me only a short time to look at the problems that I’ve had to solve and the blessings I have received in the very same time period, and the blessings outweigh the problems. Applying the balancing principle has to be a part of my evaluation of my life, each day, without it, I’m living under that dark cloud, and life under a dark cloud is not happy.

It’s not easy, in the midst of turmoil to look for the blessings, but they are there, in all of our lives and it is worth the struggle to find them, exactly in the midst, because that is when we need to reflect on and enjoy them the most. If I can pull myself out from under the dark cloud once, I can do it again, and so can you. Look to balance, look to your blessings and then go solve those problems and if nothing is working, go get some ice cream!!!



Thanks for stopping by to read my post; I hope to see ya’s next week, for Life with Mo.  

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