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Ask Madeleine Vol. 9

The questions are in and so are the answers!  If you haven’t checked it out before, Madeleine is my just-turned-4-year-old daughter.  She loves answering your questions, and these are her REAL answers in her own words.  Submit your questions on our FB page. Send them in using the “contact” button.  Whatever works!

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What’s a good way to make extra money?

Madeleine: To get money you have to check out stuff at the store. [What do you mean?] At the store, you check out and you give them money. [You mean the cashiers?] YES!  They get money. [laughing.  Yes.  But that money goes to the store, not to the cashier.  The cashier gets a paycheck for working at the store.]  Well, you have to work hard at your BUSINESS.  That’s how I think.  Do I have any money?

Stinky Old Mom:  Well, aside from masquerading as a cashier and absconding with stolen money, you can always get a second job?!  Madeleine, in her own way, suggests a strong work ethic.  Here’s a blast from the past that discusses this very topic and ways you can earn on the side.

What’s a good way to help keep your office clean?

Madeleine: Ugh. *eye roll* To not mess it up! That’s what I prefer. You have to clean up your papers.

Stinky Old Mom:  PAPERS!!  It’s always a mess in our office.  There are papers (and craft supplies) everywhere.  The key seems to be organization and having a place for everything.  This site has a ton of suggestions for cute DIY ways to create storage space: Sew Many Ways.  I am in a much more primeval place in my life, so I just need to get papers where they belong, pens back in their cups, trash in the can, and I can worry about making it look cute later!  When in serious need, call in a pro—or at the very least, a great friend who is talented at organization and can be firm about TOSSING OUT THE CLUTTER!  We’ve talked about clutter before.  It’s a constant.  It always needs tending and can sometimes get the best of us when we least expect it.  Breathe and dive in!

What’s the best way to answer the phone?

Madeleine: Go in the other room so kids don’t bother you.

Stinky Old Mom: She is cracking me up with these!!!  So true. Background noise aside, be cheerful when you answer the phone.  At home or at work, this can really go a long way.  I like to identify myself right away.  This is a habit I picked up from working on/by phone for so long.  For extra help, I Googled and found 6 tips on how to answer phones properly.  It’s from a temp agency, so you know they know what they are talking about! Phone skills are ALWAYS a useful skill to have and transfer to any job.

Bonus from Madeleine:  Wanna hear a Knock Knock joke? [Always.] OK. Why did the chicken cross the road? To get to the other party!!  I made that up. *uproarious laughter*  Mommy, I like salami. Can we have some for lunch?




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    She is hysterical!!!!! Love these! Starts my Monday off right!

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