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Ask Madeleine Vol. 8

The questions are in and so are the answers!  If you haven’t checked it out before, Madeleine is my just-turned-4-year-old daughter.  She loves answering your questions.  Submit them on our FB page. Send them in using the “contact” button.  Whatever works!

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What do good Moms do?

Madeleine: Well, they certainly do laundry. [(laughing) Yes, that’s true. What other kinds of things do Mommies do that makes them good?] They do all the things kids want to do–whatever they want. [What do you want to do?] Go to Ikea!!

Stinky Old Mom:  Will the laundry never end?  I can’t even get it all put away before the basket is overflowing.  Apparently, I complain about it constantly as well!

To answer the questions though: Good Moms do the best they can.  That’s it.  Good parents are the parents doing everything they can do to be their personal best for their children.  That is all we can expect from ourselves.  We can’t be perfect. We listen, we try, we strive for everything, and accomplish as much as we can.  Side note: Ikea is actually awesome for a little break while the kids play in the play area.  We use it as a reward. Plus, the frozen-yogurt is only 3 Weight Watchers points. It’s a win-win!!

If you were a Mom, what kind of work would you do?

Madeleine:  This mom is making drinks!  I would do whatever I want.

Stinky Old Mom: I have a feeling she’s thinking only about eating candy, not cleaning her toys and drinking juice whenever she wants, but in a certain sense, it is true.  We can all be whatever we set our minds to be.  Sometimes, we make sacrifices or hold off on plans for a better time, but we can always achieve our dreams.

Which kinds of school supplies do kids need for the first day of school?

Madeleine: A new backpack!

Stinky Old Mom:  I’m keeping my eyes out for sales on go-to items like pencils, crayons, and glue. Staples just had crayons for $.25 a box.  I know she’ll need them and we can use them here too.  Teachers can have specific types of notebook or folder requirements, so I hold off on those until I get the list (sometimes it is posted early on the school’s web site).  A backpack is a must.  She knows her Auntie bought her a special one for her official first day of school, and it’s all she can talk about!  Make sure to see Dr. Wages’s post about Backpack Back and tips on keeping our children’s spine in good health!

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