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Ask Madeleine Vol. 10

The questions are in and so are the answers!  If you haven’t checked it out before, Madeleine is my just-turned-4-year-old daughter.  She loves answering your questions, and these are her REAL answers in her own words.  Submit your questions on our FB page. Send them in using the “contact” button.  Whatever works!

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What makes a happy marriage?

Madeleine: Have children!  Even if a kid is still a kid.  Babies are happy.

Stinky Old Mom: While children can bring joy into a marriage, a happy couple is one who communicates and cooperates and compromises.  The happiest couples I’ve known are those who continue to support each other interests and growth (which requires that the couple communicates effectively, cooperates, and often makes compromises).

I’m not sure what Madeleine means when she says, “Even if a kid is still a kid.” I can say that children do not make a marriage happy if the marriage isn’t already happy.  Our children continue to teach us things about ourselves and new ways to look at each other.   We have to work on our relationship just as we did before we had children–where we focus on one another exclusively for a bit.  It’s also important, where a relationship is concerned, to work on your own internal happiness and well-being.  Who wants to be in a relationship where the other person doesn’t take responsibility for their own state of mind (and I mean all the time, not the occasional down slope)?   You are the only one that can ever, truly, make you happy.


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