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Ask Madeleine Mondays

It’s ASK MADELEINE MONDAY! Ask your real life questions and get them answered by a 4-year-old (her birthday is Wednesday, so she’s almost 4). You know you want to! She gives great advice.  Questions are collected through our FB page.

Q: Madeleine, I have a lot of reading to do for school but can’t seem to get started. How can I motivate myself to read books that are boring?

A: If it is boring, like cleaning up toys, I just do it.

Q: How do you find the energy to work out after working all day?

A: Try jumping jacks or playing outside.

Q: Why is Monday always the hardest day?

A: I don’t think it is. Just don’t think it.

Then she showed me how she could pick up things with her toes…

So, to summarize…. Just jump into difficult tasks without thinking about them. Boring books, exercise, dragging yourself out of bed on Mondays, jump in with both feet. The more we think about how challenging the task is, or how much we don’t enjoy it, the harder it becomes. Good advice!!! I’m going to do a few jumping jacks and see what happens.

P.S. Since it’s always better to see who your getting advice from, I thought I’d include her photo.  A Clair Huxtable in the making—no nonsense!

madeleine knows best


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