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Ask Madeleine Monday Vol.6

Questions are in and so are the answers!  If you haven’t checked it out before, Madeleine is my just-turned-4-year-old daughter.  She loves answering your questions.  Submit them on our FB page! Send them in using the “contact” button.  Whatever works!

Children rarely seem stressed or worried for long, so this week I asked Madeleine to give us some tips on breathing exercises.  Inspired by Karate Kid 2, some ballet, and the spur of the moment, Madeleine shares her technique in this video. (Vivienne, her younger sister, growls and shouts in the background).  Keepin’ it real, folks…

Madeleine’s breathing exercises


How do you have courage to do something when you are feeling scared?

Madeleine: (long pause) Brave. [Brave?] Yes. Be brave. [Well, that is important.  What about if you are trying to go on a really high..] Roller coaster?!! [Sure.  What do you do if you are going to go on a roller coaster and you are scared?] I scream!!  It’s so fun.  [What if it was trying a new slide at the park?]  I just do it.

Stinky Old Mom:  Why are you scared?  Assess the fear and then, as Madeleine and Nike suggest, just do it.  (Disclaimer: Advice not to be used for illegal purposes or anything mean).  The “doing” is the hard part for people.  I suffer from fear personally.  I appreciate the advice from Madeleine to scream.  Scream and then do it.  Scream while you are doing it.  Laugh when it is over.  The energy of releasing the fear verbally might give you the momentum you need to keep going.  That is bravery—going ahead WHILE you are scared.  You do not have to conquer your fear, you have do move on in-spite of it sometimes.

Be brave this week!!  Have that uncomfortable conversation, ask for what you deserve, take the physical challenge.  You can do it!


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