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Ask Madeleine Monday Vol. 4

Questions are in and so are the answers! If you haven’t checked it out before, Madeleine is my just-turned-4-year-old daughter. She loves answering your questions. Submit them on our FB page! Send them in using the “contact” button. Whatever works!
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I’d like to know how to deal with whiny attention stealers. Thank you!

Madeleine: Just wait. Wait your turn. [ What do you do when your sister wants all the attention but you want attention too?] Share the attention!

Stinky Old Mom: We will agree to disagree on this one! Sure, waiting your turn and sharing is ver important. At some point, action may be required. If this is a situation at work, is there a way to remove yourself from being around this person? Attention stealing is at its worst when it involves taking credit for someone else’s work. Most times, the rest of the workplace is aware of the whining and attention seeking behavior. No one likes it.

How do share something when you really don’t want to?

Madeleine: You just have to do it or your mom will get mad. [What about adults who don’t live with their moms?] You can just get something else.

Stinky Old Mom: Just get something else! Love it. Sharing turns into true generosity when you feel like you have nothing to spare. It is easy to give in times of surpluses. You will often find when giving that you dohave something else waiting for you, or don’t need the thing you are sharing as much as you thought you did!

How do you get what you really want in life?

Madeleine: You have to say please [what if that doesn’t work? Do you have to work hard for it?} you say please again, like this pleeeease. Really nicely. Look at my snapping.

Stinky Old Mom: Her guess is a good as mine! Please helps. Always.

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