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What That Damn Dress Can Teach You About Life

The dress…you know the one. The “What color is it?!” that people are freaking out over. Crazy how you can look at the same thing and see two totally different ideas.


There’s a life lesson to be learned in all of this. (No, not to see if your spouse is color blind.) It’s all about perspective.


It’s all in how you look at it. Perspective.

I struggle on a daily basis to stay positive, to relax, todecompress. Little things (and big things) get me stressed out. I’m up at night, my mind racing over things–like my work evaluation–that I can’t do a damn thing about at the moment.


I find myself short of breath when I’m thinking about the laundry and cleaning and dinner (and darn it if I forgot to take something out to thaw!) and baths that are cluttering up my evening after working 10 hours during the day.


My heart starts racing in irritation when my kids are screaming at each other in the back seat about what exactly are the lyrics to some inane Katy Perry song.


And I make myself STOP. Perspective.


When the world starts to overwhelm me, I take a step back and a deep breath. I pull out the positives in those situations that are making me freak out. (No, really. You need to do it, too.)


My job. I was in total tears over a recent evaluation at work. But then I looked at it differently. I have a job. A good job. I work with kids who drive me crazy at times, but love me fiercely. I make a difference in their lives. My evaluation didn’t meet MY standards and expectations, but (I keep telling myself) my boss wants me to continue to improve to be the best first grade teacher I can be.Perspective. It’s all in how you look at it.


Laundry and dinner and cleaning and baths…I haveclothes to wash and a house to clean. I have a healthy family who need to be fed (and the Chinese takeout place down the street rocks!). Perspective. If it’s overwhelming, let it go. Compromise. It doesn’t have to always be perfect. Really.


My kids in the back seat…they love music. They enjoy each other’s company enough to discuss the latest and (maybe not always) greatest. They bring me joy when they finally agree and sing the Katy Perry song in perfect harmony.…sort of. But they are great kids and I need to remember that. Perspective.


When you don’t see eye to eye with your spouse, a colleague, that annoying neighbor who plays salsa music until 2 in the morning (on a Tuesday!), the driver that cuts you off in traffic…perspective. Deep breath. In the long run–tomorrow, next week, next year–how much will this matter? Really matter? Enough to add gray hairs to your head and frown wrinkles to your face? Can you  changeyour perspective and put yourself in their place and consider, for even a moment, the angle they are coming from?


And back to the dress…some people saw black and blue. Take away: Don’t let life beat you up. Others saw white and gold. Remember: Things probably won’t always be perfectly clean and pristine.


And maybe a few of you are like me…I saw sky blue and poop olive green. Maybe that’s just my mind’s reminder that you need stop to take a few deep cleansing breaths while remembering everything may not come up smelling like roses.


And I really don’t care what color the dress is. There is so much more to worry about appreciate in this life.Perspective.




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