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Trust Your Journey

By Mo Breden

Trust Your JourneyI don’t mean to sound overly philosophical, but your journey is not my journey and vice versa. However, there are similarities in our journeys. They all have a beginning, middle, and an end– or a point at which our journeys morph into something else entirely. Often we meet one another in the midst of our journey and follow the same path for a time. Some of us stay on the path together till the end, some branch off in different directions and lose one another on the pathways of our busy lives.

Today I’d like to talk about how my swimming journey began. I am a Master Swimmer, and I swim with the Greater Palm Harbor YMCA Master Swim Team. In order to be a Master Swimmer you just have to be a swimmer over 18 years old, swim regularly and hopefully are a member of United States Master Swimming, but don’t get overly impressed by the term Master Swimmer.

In May of 2012, I began swimming in my community pool. My community pool is a small, far from regulation pool, so I would just swim back and forth, back and forth.  I started swimming for ten minutes without stopping, three times a week. I worked up to forty minutes, three times a week in September of 2012. These swimming sessions were not without incident.

For a few weeks, a young man I nicknamed “Michael Phelps,” came to the pool and started swimming with me. We never spoke, but he would mimic my swimming, back and forth with me. It was kinda freaky.  Another incident was the battle of the baby water moccasin.  After a big storm, I went to the pool–almost finished with my twenty minutes of swimming–and I saw a thin, snake like object swimming towards me. I moved to the ladder, got myself out, fished the snake out and let it go into the grass. I got back in and finished my workout. The following day, guess who was waiting for me in the pool? The same nasty, nasty baby water moccasin. I was particularly wary because I had gone home and Goggled baby water moccasin, and it was indeed a water moccasin. They were noted to have one of the most venomous bites, as the younger they are, the more aggressive. I battled the snake one more time and got my swim in, but I switched to another community pool (and have not swum in that pool since).  The bottom line is that I was not deterred.  I trusted my journey even when I didn’t know that this was what I was doing.

In October of 2012, I joined the Greater Palm Harbor YMCA.  In November of 2012,  I joined the Master Swim Program. This was the beginning of my journey.  When I started I swam with no cap, no goggles, and I could not swim with my head in the water. I had no idea where this beginning would lead, but I followed it and have continued to follow it up to this point.  Last night my friend and lane mate, Michelle, gave me a small paperweight that said, Trust Your Journey. It clarified for me that, this is exactly what I have been doing, and reinforced that I will continue to Trust My Journey.

I challenge you to start your journey, continue your journey, but above all…..

Trust Your Journey.


Thanks for stopping by to read my post, see ya’s next week, for Life with Mo.


  1. Stacy LeVine /

    I am frightened into inertia by mine own journey. Must work on that.

  2. Michelle /

    Great post Mo! I needed this. Today. I have been struggling to get back on my own journey (not swimming, i wish!) and I need to remember this! Love you.

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