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The Salon: Suze Orman Quote Desconstruction

A wise woman recognizes when her life is out of balance and summons the courage to act to correct it, she knows the meaning of true generosity, happiness is the reward for a life lived in harmony, with a courage and grace.  — Suze Orman 

When Suze speaks, I listen.  — Jennette Cronk


I always wanted to be part of a salon, not the beauty kind (although I really like that too), the other definition…

salon [ˈsælɒn]

1. A periodic gathering of people of social or intellectual distinction.

2. An assembly of guests in a fashionable household, esp a gathering of major literary, artistic, and political figures from the 17th to the early 20th centuries

The modern day equivalent is a book club, and I kind of wanted to be in one of those too.  I love books.   Well, I’m starting my own.  Salon. Not book club. Yet.  I’ve been inspired to be less lonely and more supportive recently.  Join me.  Comment.  Discuss.  Please…  I mean, how often do we get to talk about this in our day to day life?  Rarely.  Mostly we are too bogged down with tasks, life, FB, TV, to really talk about our interests, our thoughts… QUICK!  BEFORE THE HIPSTERS GET IT!!

I thought we would start with a quote by one of my role models, The Suze.  Let’s deconstruct her quote, really break it up, and hold each part up to our own life for comparison.

A wise woman recognizes when her life is out of balance

YES!!  YES!!! A thousand times, YES!!!  Thank you, Suze.  I am completely out of whack.  Thank you for calling me wise.

This is actually really hard.  Sometimes, we don’t see how off-kilter we are until our fingertips are too tired to hold on.  It is even harder to figure out WHY we are out of balance and WHICH areas we need to adjust in order to get back to center.

…and summons the courage to act to correct it

Lordy!!  Suze knows me. I am trying to correct it.  That’s why I’m here at the WLBPA. We are a protection agency!!  We protect people from falling off the edge when the scale tips too far in one direction.

Summoning the courage.  There are powers that lie deep within us to do miraculous things.  We don’t need to know where it is, we just need to know this power is there and call on it.  It is easy to stay in the muck and mire, wallowing in the mud.  It is much harder to make a change, especially if you fear the unknown.  Worse still if you fear success.

…she knows the meaning of true generosity

A wise woman knows the meaning of generosity. Generosity is giving–giving when you feel like you don’t have anything to give.  Listening is giving.   This is hard for me.  Some times I am stingy with giving because I feel like it is keeping me out of balance.  Giving too much of myself to my family, giving too much to friends or people who pretend to be friends, giving too much of myself to my job (whatever job I am in at the time), all seem to push me too far in one direction.

This is dangerous thinking on my part.  It is not the giving of myself to loved ones that causes depletion.  The giving of myself to ego gives me depletion.  By this I mean indulging my need for approval, my need for attention.  You can never give too much to love.  If it turns out badly, you were not giving yourself to love, you were giving it to something else more selfish.  For example, when I feel like I am giving too much at home (the cleaning over and over again, the cooking, the laundry, HEAVENS the laundry…), it is really that I am giving too much to my need for perfection.

Who gives a crap?  Honestly, my children would be fine with some scrambles eggs and time spent running around in their underwear!  Be generous.  The act of giving will not “empty” you of something.  And the laundry will still be there tomorrow….trust me.

—I am not a philosopher.  I am just trying to work out my own understanding here.  Thank you for sticking with it.—

…happiness is the reward for a life lived in harmony

I was just talking about this with a friend!  We just were talking about this in another post!  (I really am talking to you, whether you answer me or not).  Authentic happiness!  Happiness comes from living in harmony with yourself.  Balance.  I don’t need to feel like I just won a prize all the time.  That is not my true balanced happy.  Balanced happy is when everything is aligned, I feel accomplished, I feel like I am loving and being loved, I am engaged in the moment (and not thinking about negative things, the past, or worrying about an imaginary future).

…with a courage and grace.

Summoning courage to look at your life honestly, and make a change, takes COURAGE!  It’s hard.  Kudos to you if you are doing it.  Bravery doesn’t always look like it does in the Game of Thrones, slicing your way through a battle.  Bravery often looks like saying “no” to that cookie…

I’m working on the grace part…  What do you think “grace” is?  Who have you looked at as a model of “grace” in your life?

Participate in the salon!!  Submit some quotes, topics, articles we should look at.  Join us!!!


Elizabeth Montagu, aka founder of the Blue Stockings, Bas Bleu with Elizabeth Vesey founded an influential and feminist group in London, 1770-1780s, that influenced cultural and institutional shifts. She was a mega-salonist. She rocks.

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