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Re-Motivate Yourself In 3 Steps (and Stay That Way)

Have you lost the zest? Has your original fire dulled to a single ember? It happens.


Motivation is the machine that powers your thoughts, words, and actions. Starting a new job, workout, or hobby can be an exciting rush. After a while, the excitement wanes and it becomes a chore to complete the same tasks you were recently thrilled about! Why is that?

Pick The Brain contributor, Stephen Guise, recently published an article offering insight on what kills motivation and how to get it back.  Here are the best ways to get your motivation back and keep it:

1. Don’t let temporary thoughts or feelings interfere.

This one is paramount! How many times have we let a short-term change in circumstance, attitude, or emotions get in the way of our own success? For me, many. Guise posits, “You can want something in general, but not want it in any given moment… .” Avoid letting a negative thought chain, feelings of doubt, or worry about a recent situation sabotage your overall goal. Remember, you wanted this! You ARE excited about your goal OVERALL. A temporary fluctuation is just that–temporary. Guise warns, “It only stops people who confuse how they feel as being the same as their long-term desires.”

2. Remember WHY you are working towards your goal.

Question yourself. Why did I want to get in shape? Why did I want a new challenge at work? Etc. Keep site of not only the goal itself, but the reason behind the goal. Take a second to reconnect, on an emotional level, to your goals. Guise advises using a “vision board” to stay mindful of your “why.”

3. Break goals into smaller, manageable chunks.

Getting in shape, for example, is a big goal. It’s easy to loose steam or feel overwhelmed. If you take a inventory of the components of your goal, break it into manageable pieces, it will be much easier to accomplish. Plus, the excitement of completing a goal and crossing it off, generates more energy to complete the next one–it also becomes more habitual and routine. Here’s an example of one way to dissect your goal into smaller chunks:

Large Goal: Get In Shape

Reason: To Be More Healthy

A. Drink 4 bottles of water a day.

B. Walk for 20 min. each day after dinner

C. Make an appointment for 3 personal training sessions

Once a goal is completed, mark it off and add a new one to the list!  Give the system a try. Create a vision board for your work space or area where you will see it daily. Re-energize yourself and get to work!

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  1. Such great tips! This can be applied to so many goals in my life from blogging to marathon training to running a small business.

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