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Motivation, Macrame, and Green Beans


I thought about writing an article this week called, How to Survive the Holidays with your Health and Sanity Intact (even if it wasn’t in the first place). I was going to tell you all about how to make healthy food choices that weren’t depriving, spend more time relaxing and less time perfecting, and yada yada yada. While I do think this topic is an interesting one, and I have a lot to say about it, I kept putting off getting it down on paper.

I noticed this was happening, because every time I opened my computer to write, I got “distracted”: Researching such topics as the Cascadia fault line, the current and forecasted weather report for places I thought might be warmer than here in january, public swimming pools in my area, and how to make a net grocery tote bag out of string. What? Procrastinating, you say?! I decided it was time to write about motivation.


There is a lot of space for me between procrastination and motivated action. If procrastination is defined as putting off an undesirable activity, well, I did desire to write about the holidays! The problem was, I didn’t feel inspired and motivated to do so.

I felt inspired and motivated to daydream about travel, and plan some art projects (okay the fault line research motivated me through fear), and ultimately to think about what lights me up. What I want to move towards, and spend more of my time doing. Things like writing about what’s exciting me in the moment, and working on a fiber arts project.

The next time you find yourself just not getting something done, consider not just why you are avoiding it, because you may not be. Consider what you most want to be doing in that moment, and ask yourself why you aren’t focusing on that. When we are inspired, we are more productive, creative, relaxed, and oh yeah… HAPPY. Once I got there, this article on motivation pretty much wrote itself!

P.S. Regarding the holiday sanity piece, I’ll give you a hint: cultivate your own happiness and let your holiday cheer and choices pour out of a cup that is being refilled. Also, less Yulelog and latkes; More cranberry relish, green beans and applesauce. Me? I’m working on some macrame.


Jen Kahn is a Natural Wellness Therapist specializing in Functional and Behavioral Nutrition, Yoga Therapy, and Metaphysics with a focus on chronic health conditions, stress management, and emotional eating. Through the blessings of modern technology she works with clients all over the world in private consultation and through online workshops. Her website is currently under construction, but you can find her latest event at or contact her by email: When she’s not working with clients, running events, or writing, she can be found biking, cooking, painting, snuggling with her cats or doing nothing at all in the Pacific Northwest.









Macrame photo credit: <a href=”“>E l i a n a R e i n a l d o</a> via <a href=”“>photopin</a> <a href=”“>cc</a>

Fault line photo credit: <a href=”“>Gunnar Ries zwo</a> via <a href=”“>photopin</a> <a href=”“>cc</a>

Green bean casserole photo credit: <a href=”“>joannova, a/k/a foodalogue</a> via <a href=”“>photopin</a> <a href=”“>cc</a>



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