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Hope From A Sunrise

By Erin D’Addio

You know that time of the morning when the sun isn’t quite up yet, but you see the light coming?

Photo By Nordia Finegan

Photo By Nordia Finegan

If you don’t, I suggest you find the time one morning to revel in this beautiful moment of the day. Unlike the sunset, which I equally enjoy , this moment is perfect and reminds me of all the possibilities the day has to offer.

Things may go completely mad after that moment, but there was a moment in the day when things were perfect and right. A sunrise is filled with promise. I usually get to see this when I’m walking into my classroom each morning. I turn to my left and the sky is a mixture of pink, blue, orange, and white. It’s breathtaking and I always stop and whisper, “Thank you, God.”

In the past month I have been faced with the reality I may not get to see that moment of the day for much longer. One month ago, my vision in my only seeing eye started to fade. An MRI revealed a new tumor was growing in my optic nerve. I have been battling optic nerve Meningioma for my entire life. This will be my fourth time fighting this. And while fighting, I can’t help but think of the “what ifs.” It’s only human, right?
My point of all of this is to remember not to take the small things for granted.

Try to find a small moment in each day to be thankful for something. You will be surprised with what you may find. If you get to see that beautiful moment in the morning that I was talking about, I hope you remember to be thankful and smile. It’s a small. perfect. moment. Hold on to it in the most desperate times.

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