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Finally Friday: School’s Out!


Yay!  You made it.  Let’s give a big round of applause to all the educators and school professionals who made it through another year!!  Now, hurry up and enjoy your summer (or what you can cram in between closing down your room, continuing education workshops, tutoring, summer school, preparation for next year, and possibly a second job to keep some income flowing).

While the state of education can be a depressing, enraging topic, I’d like to keep today’s post positive.  Stephanie Loudis is retiring from a 34-year career as a high school English teacher in Miami-Dade Public Schools.  She has a really nice brief interview in yesterday’s paper.  It wasn’t what I expected to hear.  Loudis beams with appreciation in this article, for her co-workers, students, and a fulfilling career. She kept it classy.

What struck me most was Loudis’ gratitude for the mentors in her life.  Having chosen her career at the age of 6, she credits all her inspiring teachers as well as creative and generous co-workers for her longevity.  Wouldn’t that be wonderful?  I wish we all had mentors in our fields.  This topic has come around the screen the past few days (you can read more here).  Seeking out a mentor (or mentors across various skills) seems to be the key point in helping people advance their careers or have successful transition and growth.

Wouldn’t it also be great to feel lifted up and supported by your co-workers?  I think a lack of appreciation is deteriorating. I can think of many people, including myself, who might have flourished in situations if there had been a shred of appreciation (or more importantly, a recognition of and then proper use of skills and abilities).  This is something we can provide each other, however.  It doesn’t always have to come from the top.  Who around you makes your day better?  Let them know.  Who have you learned something from?  Let them know and then share it.

While you may not be retiring today, or even beginning a summer vacation, we can all appreciate the spirit of a Friday—especially the last Friday of school!  Start your weekend with some gratitude in your heart.  Keep your eye out for a possible mentor in your field.  Be generous to your co-workers and see if you can’t foster a feeling of appreciation.  It will come back to you.

Enjoy these “School’s Out” jams for your Friday!  Cheers!

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