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How to Effectively Spend Your Time at “Rock Bottom”

This is a rough time in America.  Statistics show that “job satisfaction” is at the lowest it has been in 20 years.  In fact, 25% of those people say they hate their job–HATE!!  That’s a stressful way to live.  Still, others may be thinking, “At least they have a job.”  Unemployment is incredibly difficult on finances, esteem, and relationships.  With 7.3% of Americans still unemployed, a lot of families are reeling from the effects.

More than one person I’ve spoken with has admitted they feel like they are at an all time low.  Regardless of age, many feel like they just got lost along the way and are struggling to make it through to the next paycheck.

I have good news.  Rock bottom is, sometimes, the best place to be.

Pat Williams

Pat Williams

Recently, I had the fortune of hearing a great Keynote speech from Pat Williams at FLBlogCon2013.*  Founder of the NBA Orlando Magic, author of over 70 books, and motivational speaker, Pat Williams has had his fair share of success.  As you might expect from a leader, he discussed the importance of setting “specific” goals and taking responsibility.  One of his points surprised me, however.  He spoke of not wasting your time at the bottom…

Think about that for a moment.

Often, we get rapped up in the negative aspects of being at “rock bottom.”  We focus on all of the things that we lost, feelings of failure, loss at where to go next, etc.  What if we looked at “rock bottom” from another angle instead?

When you are at the lowest point in your life you:

  • Have nothing left to lose.
  • Can finally let go of unhelpful/damaging thought patterns and beliefs.
  • Can let go of the fear of failure.
  • Have nothing more to hide from people or be embarrassed about.

Amazing.  Being at your lowest point can be an incredibly freeing time in your life.  A door opens for you, immediately, to make changes in your life without fear.  Pat Williams had this to say,

” Take your hurt, pain, set-backs, and disappointments [and turn them] into strengths.  The greatest learning advancements happen in tough times.  We are open and teachable when we’re in the well…[we] are fierce in independence when [we’re] winning.  Don’t waste those periods in your life.”

If you are in the well, now is your chance to take stock in your life.  Assess all your damaged parts and pull together a plan of action.  Use this time to let go of unhealthy habits and emotions, learn a new skill, and allow yourself to thrive.  Make the most of this moment in your life and receive it as a gift.  You are free to have a new beginning.


*When was the last time you experienced some purposeful motivation in your life?  Invest in yourself by seeking out a workshop or motivational speaking event.  If you can’t find one that fits in your schedule–read an inspiring book!

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