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Cardinal at the Birdbath: Leaving Fear Behind

By Mo Breden

7270182200_7ffd688bcc_zI have a small birdbath in my yard outside my bedroom window. I love to watch the birds maneuver the birdbath. There is a huge red cardinal that visits often; his behavior is always the same. He lands on the edge and jumps from one edge to another, fearful of making the leap into the water. This goes on for several minutes and then finally he jumps in, he splashes and fluffs his feathers, jumps out and back in several more times before he spreads his wings and flies away. I have a theory about his caution. The bath is constructed with a clear glass bowl as the bath. Before he jumps he needs to know that he is going to land safely in the water. In the end he finally jumps, and he always looks like he loves every minute of it.

This could be a metaphor for my life, and perhaps your life. The famous expression, “You have to see it to believe it,” does not apply in this case, nor does it apply in many cases/events in our lives. For me, very often, I have to believe it, to see it.

Prior to undertaking any activities that have had the potential to change the course of my life, as I have know it, I have always been fearful, like my cardinal. I hesitate; I investigate, I am overly cautious. Once I have gone through all of those steps, I begin to believe I can do it. I see myself doing it, and only then do I jump in. Every day I work on losing the paralyzing fear, the hesitation, and the excessive caution. They are all a waste of time and have the ability to derail my ability to accomplish anything substantial.

If I visualize myself as the cardinal, jumping in to the beautiful clear water, jumping in and out, puffing up and fluffing my wings, and then taking flight to soar above the earth. I know that I can change. I know that I can accomplish. I know that I can leave fear behind and be happy.

What do you want to change? Think about the cardinal, lose your fear, and believe it before you can see it and you too will soar.

Thanks for stopping by to read my post; I hope to see ya’s next week, for Life with Mo.

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  1. I definitely have something I would like to change, just not sure how to do it and find success! Great metaphor!

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