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Broken Resolutions

By Danielle Katz

Repeat after me “Its OK. Im only Human.” Every year we burden ourselves with promises of improvement. This tradition is a natural response to a big change, or turning point, or even an upcoming event like a reunion or wedding. New Years Resolutions have to do with a number going up by ONE by the way. Its a natural time to reflect.


“Hmmm …what have I screwed up over the past year? How can I improve on that?” All this reflection is natural, so is screwing it up and falling off that “wagon of change.” You see this resolution, or this manifestation of our hopes for ourselves, most assuredly as Oreos are delicious, will be broken. “To human is to err”…I think someone important said that. I don’t know who, but damn if it isn’t true! We are human, therefore, we make mistakes. Now sometimes its no big deal, like we took a wrong exit on the New Jersey Turnpike and now were totally stuck in traffic. And sometimes its a real dozy! “Holy crap I just took the dogs medicine by accident, someone drive me to the ER!!!” But either way, we learn and move on. As a mom, this is an especially tough one to drive into your little ones, especially those little perfectionist types (gosh-darn it they drive me crazy, boy I love ‘em!) This is important for adults too! We screw up and its OK!!!

See the first line in this article. Repeat as needed.


You will fall off that wagon, whether your trying to loose weight or not go postal at the post office because the lines are so long. (Aren’t the Holiday’s Over? Why are the lines still so long?). Here is the important part. Get back on the wagon. No kidding, its really that simple. Why does it have to be new years eve for you to be inspired? It could be a random Tuesday. Just do it. (Sorry Nike….but its true).


For me its the diet. I can be an emotional eater, Hell I eat if I’m just tired and cranky. But I’m 5 feet tall and gain weight just looking at cake. So I fall off the wagon a lot. But instead of feeling bad about yourself, which in no way will help you, pick your butt up and get back on the wagon. In fact you must EXPECT to fall off. It is just going to happen. The important part, is not to wallow in the mud too long. Realize what happened and get back on the path that makes you feel good. Because that IS the whole point of all this. Those little victories, celebrate them, bask in the glow of those good feelings about yourself. For example: “I only had three M&Ms, NOT the whole bag.” Feel good about that, because damn if those little candies aren’t delicious. My resolution this year is to be ON the wagon more then OFF. I think thats do-able. Heck, I’m only human.

Danielle lives in Indiana, is pre-menopausal, and enjoys the occasional Cronot and laughing till she pees.

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